Roon losing NDX2

Been running Roon fine. The core is on my mac.
For the last few days its been losing the NDX2 which I have to powercycle as it locks up.
No problems with the Naim app whatsoever.
It seems it might be related to the mac going to sleep, but was fine with this up until a few days ago.
It possibly coincided with a software update.
Am I missing something obvious?

Are you running a beta?

Oddly for me Audirvana no longer detects my Uniti Nova 90% of the time.

Roon does however, as does a Bonjour browser and iTunes (old Mac).

No. Running 1.8
The app is now losing the core unless the mac is fully awake. I can see the logic in that, but dont understand why its only just started happening?

I agree that’s odd if it worked before presumably using some sort of wake on LAN protocol.

And already I’m lost :rofl:
I’ll play some vinyl.

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I’ll join you!

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Check your profile, I suspect you mean NAC 282 - anyhow I bet those Sonus Faber speakers sound utterly amazing!

Amended…good spot. I am very happy with them. And they look good which pleases my good lady.

Solved the problem by adjusting the power saving settings on the Mac to keep things running when the screen sleeps. Bemused as to why this suddenly became an issue. Hopefully this may help someone else as incapable as me if they have the same issue.

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there’s a bit of software that stops the mac going to sleep ‘caffeine’ I think

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I will pour a large espresso in the back and let you know

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Caffeine is a tiny program that puts an icon in the right side of your menubar. Click it to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers.

Aah. Thank you.

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