Roon missing Tidal content

I’ve been considering a Roon annual subscription, and was trialing it through a nuc pc with a view to getting a Nucleus One later in the year.
This afternoon I have some time free and the trial ends tonight. Generally I like the look of it and the way it integrated my ripped cd collection with Tidal. But, for example, I’m just listening to some music by A. R. Kane and Roon is only offering a smattering of records, whereas Tidal offers the full discography and some band info.
Given I can’t hear any difference between Roon and Tidal through my Nova / PMC set up, I do wonder if a smart interface and integration is worth the cost?
Perhaps I’ll reconsider when the Nucleus One is released at the end of Q3, but for now I’m going to stick with Tidal and spend my Roon subscription on records. Any thoughts gratefully received…

The artist and discography is usually one of Roon’s strengths.
There appears to be two artists in Roon called A.R. Kane :man_shrugging: the second one, in the snip below, has the information you would expect:

Roon divides opinion but it works for me - YMMV.

Thanks Tapp. Strange that one artist can have multiple entities. I’d not spotted that. Well my trial has just ended, so I’ll reconsider Roon in the autumn when the One is released. Perhaps they’ll add a subscription offer as a sweetener?