Roon Nucleus and NDX

Dear All, Is Roon Nucleus compatible with Naim NDX (not 2)? In other words will it work with NDX connected to networki with NAS (Synology), Tidal streaming etc?

No. you cant use it with a Nucleus straight out of the box. The older Streamers are not Roon Ready so you need an intermediary to bridge the two called a UPnP bridge or another streamer thats Roon Ready some use Raspbery Pi’s for this,. There is a hardware version of the UPnP bridge from Sonore or a Software version called LMS2UPnP(not for the faint hearted or computer illiterate.)

Alternative is to not use the Nucleus and get an AudioStore Prestige server that comes with the UPnP bridge installed all ready or if in the US A Sonic Transporter can also be used to run it I believe.


Thank you. This saved a lot of money for me :slight_smile:

There are quite a few members here that use a UPnP bridge and they all rave about it. I think @Sloop_John_B is one of the users using an UltraRendu.

If you want to save money, there are plenty of ways to get Roon running that will cost a lot less than a Nucleus, even if you include the cist of a UPnP bridge to get it onto your NDX.

Well historically at this stage, I used an ultraRendu with good effect to both a UniQute and SuperUniti.

I think the Sonore UPnP bridge works even better with an NDX than the amplifier legacy streamers as there could be the odd FULL VOLUME instance with these.


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Thank you for the suggestions. But using Sonore bridge I still need device with Roon implemented. Could it be Nucleus?

Yes, you would still need the Nucleus, or another computer of some sort, to run the Roon Core. There are many options, possibly even a computer that you already own.

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There is always the iFi Bridge. Here: It’s free and avoids the need to be a computer geek to implement it.

May not be a permanent solution but would allow you to try a Roon trial with zero cost. Needs Windows computer to run it I believe.

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