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Perhaps a stupid question. I have a Roon Nucleus which has USB outputs. If I buy an NDS, can I connect it to the Nucleus via a USB cable and then use the Roon app to control my music? Would I get the same sound quality from the NDS as I would if itbwas connected via ethernet?

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The Nucleus can output audio stream via USB but the NDS’s USB can only read USB storage devices, i.e. disks and sticks according to the NDS manual.

2.8 USB Audio Interface
The NDS is fitted with a front panel USB interface intended for the connection of USB memory hardware carrying audio files. The USB interface should not be used for any other purpose.
Most UMS (Universal Mass Storage) USB devices are
compatible with the NDS USB audio input. Such devices might include portable digital music players, smart-phones, tablet computers, USB memory sticks and memory card readers.

I think in general an Ethernet connection provides most isolation and is preferred in any case, even where USB is an option on devices accepting a stream via USB

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You can’t use the USB port on an NDS, but in any case, the optimum setup for a Roon Core device is generally to use a network connection and keep the Core (Nucleus in your case) away from the HiFi rack. A relatively cheap and easy way to do this is to buy a Sonore UPnP Bridge from a company called Small Green Computer. Connect this to your network and it will allow you to use your NDS as a Roon endpoint.


Right, thanks for adding what I forgot to address, how to actually connect an NDS to Roon. @HansW, if you search the forum for Roon + NDS, you will find many old threads describing what Chris mentioned (plus alternative approaches as well) in much more detail

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