Roon Nucleus with a Hugo TT 2

Thank you so much Bluesfan :+1: The Chord Dave, coupled with the M scaler is sadly out of my price range. I did look at the dcs Bridge a while ago, but have no idea how it works compared to a Server? Please forgive my ignorance.:smiley:…dcs, isn’t that where Phil Harris now works?

The Audiostore Prestige 3 server looks interesting, but looks a bit off keel when using it with the Dave and M Scaler? How and where did you demo the Audiostore Prestige 3 and Rendu?


I certain;y don’t share that view - I use XLD with dbpoweramp Perfect Tunes to create accurate rips. Rips I have compared from specialist rippers have been identical. If you have a dodgy CD then one rip may be better than another.

Again a good dealer will let you rip in the specialist device so you can compare either with a bit comparison or by listening. The important thing is to get a ripper you are personally confident to use.

Yes, it is Roon ready, but as I have just mentioned to Bluesfan, I’ve no idea how the dcs bridge works in relation to a Server. DCS, isn’t that where Phil Harris ended up after he left Naim?

I still have all my CDs, the thought of having to rip them all again…:sob: :smiley:

MScaler + Hugo TT2 with your Bluesound?

Audiostore devices are excellent in my experience. I have a microRendu which I use occasionally with a Hugo DAC, it was how I tried Roon. It is very good especially now the discovery problems I had have gone away with the latest update.

You can get some good looking devices from Audiostore or some functional looking ones. It depends what you want.

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Thank you TiberioMagadino :+1:

I tried the Chord Qutest with my Node 2 back in February. My dealer was gobsmacked when I told him I couldn’t hear any improvement!. I honestly could not.

Exactly why it’s important to try for yourself. What I think is wonderful, you might not think improves sound quality at all. Perfectly reasonable IMHO.

If you ripped to a lossless format (FLAC, ALAC, AIFF or WAV) then that should be unnecessary.

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MScaler + Hugo TT2 with my Bluesound? 7.5k Wow! :smiley:
A question I have to ask myself, how much should I spend on a source with my 282/300DR/Kudos Titan 606s? My original budget was roughly 5k.

Yes, they’re all in FLAC.

That’s perfectly okay. I wasn’t trying to recommend this Chord combo to you, rather to explain what I used in the demos (as well as posh streamers from Naim, DCS, MSB etc.).

For a full streaming system, you could start with a £60 Cisco 2960 8 port ethernet switch.
Connect an Audiostore server with built in SSD to it with an ethernet cable (the Prestige 3 is the posh one with more capable insides than an Innuos Zenith III)
Connect a Sonore UltraRendu to the Cisco switch with another ethernet cable.
Connect your preferred dac (M Scaler + Qutest was surprisingly capable to these cloth ears) to the UltraRendu with a USB cable.
Connect your dac to the NAC282


Alternatively, replace the UltraRendu & dac with a Naim streamer (NDX2 or ND5 XS 2)
Signals, the Audiobarn and Hifi Lounge are all pretty knowledgeable when it comes to streaming, so can replicate most of your system during demos. A phone call with Martin Smith is also free…

Good luck! BF


Bit controversial, but you could trade in the 282 unless you need its analogue inputs. I do not use a pre with MScaler DAVE and I used to own 282/SC - but you would need to audition carefully to make such a decision (I was using NAP200 rather than 300DR though).

I think the help of a good dealer to let you hear the options is best advice though,


Funnily enough, I got my 606s from Jack at Audiobarn and my Naim amplification from Paul at Hifi Lounge. Nice and very helpful guys :+1:

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I did consider binning the 282, but have decided it’s going nowhere. :+1: :smiley:

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Without going off topic, what would a Cisco switch do, against my Netgear 8 port switch?

£60 for a 2960 8 port (used) probably the biggest bang for buck upgrade.

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It does the same job, so keep your Netgear switch and save the £60.

There is always the option to obsess over these devices if you so wish.
At some point, I’ll be replacing the Cisco switch with an Uptone EtherRegen, connecting it via fibreoptic ethernet to my opticalRendu but I’m too busy enjoying music as it is to summon up the will to change.

Iona Brown and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra are making a mighty fine job of playing Mendelssohn’s Symphony No.4 in A major at the moment (a Mr J Vereker was the recording engineer for this concert in Salisbury cathedral…).

Best regards, BF


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Agree even though I use a HP ProCurve. I have a Cisco in the cupboard, but I could not hear a difference. Not heard EtherRegen via fibre optic Ethernet to opticalRendu, which may be better, but very happy with what I have.

Agreed if you like your 282 then keep it - my one is with another owner who is delighted with it. I liked it too and enjoyed many years of great sound from it.

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It’s the most simple probably. Just connect a Dac and install an app. DCS mosaic or Roon. But you need a nas to store your files.

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Sorry frenchrooster, got a bit lost in the posts. Where would the Roon Core go…On the new upgraded NAS? :smiley:

@Bluesfan will better answer than me. But I think it’s on the nas.