Roon on core /linux changes

got this today- does one know how to process that path on sonictransporter?

You mean the URL when clicking the Learn More button? It seems that sonictransporter is a mini PC. I suppose you have a Linux distro installed, does it not have a browser that opens when you click the button?

In any case, I suppose this announcement on the Roon forum will tell you all you need to know:

Thanks! I will check out the roon community forum!

I have asked Martin at Audiostore via the chat thing on his website. He hasn’t responded yet but it was late when I sent it and it’s early now.

I will report his comments here.


A partial update.

If you Google Sonore Roon Linux you will find a thread on the Roon forum where Andrew at Small Green Computer Company says the required stuff is there if you’re already on 2.8

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For SonicTransporter owners see here Is SonicOrbiter impacted by Roon Linux change? - Small Green Computer - Roon Labs Community

Thanks folks! That helps!!

Yep, that’s the link. Wasn’t sure if I could post it.

I’m now wondering about becoming a beta tester

updated today- it works (beta release)!

Are you seeing performance improvements?

Not really….

Martin at Audiostore suggested I might not see much difference, perhaps a bit faster

Guess that‘s true, maybe slightly faster, I‘ll wait for the final version now.

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Actually in my system I notice a faster behavior on the beta, iOS device is a lot more stable and it has been running all day without starting to get slow and had to restart roon after a few hours.

So at least for me is a lot better running from my NAS, it still has a bug in iOS volume going to zero without a logical reason, but on the streamers is working good.

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I just installed and all seems fine and I do think it’s a bit more responsive. I use the Sonore Bridge to Roonify my NDS. I’m crossing my fingers the Beta will be less prone to skipping


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I installed the finally released version and it works fine on my Intel i7 8 core server. Much snappier performance. No downside at all from what I can see and hear.


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