Roon on NUC (Rock) with Music on QNAP (Anyone?)

I’m trying to identify exactly what might be causing continual writes (every 5 secs) to my NAS via Roon. I can see on my network that Roon sends a SMB read request to the NAS where all the music resides.

Whilst every 5 seconds seems excessive to me that may well be just the way Roon works. I’m assuming Roon is checking for file changes in some manner, however, Roon is set to to rescan folders every 24 hours for changes, so not exactly sure how these two marry up. There are some posts on the Roon forum about the regularity.

Regardless, the main issue is that the NAS is continually accessing the disks and that access includes writes by the SMB daemon. I’ve had QNAP take a look and it’s definitely Roon causing the activity but no explanation to the writes.

QNAP suspect that it may be because my QNAP is very old (419P) and only has 500MB of memory. Not sure about it but I thought I would ask if anyone has a similar setup and whether you get continual disk access caused by Roon (when I say continuous, it’s every 5 secs)


I am currently ripping my CDs and copy them to a Roon Rock’s internal SSD. It happens that I notice an error only after this, then I update the tags outside of Roon and re-copy. Roon always picks up the change within 5 seconds, so I suppose you are on the right track

Edit: Says “Watching for new files in real time” in the storage settings:

Thanks Suedkiez…Roon works differently with internal SSDs to NAS access with SMB.

I thought so, but if you add a network share does it not give you options in the three dot menu?

Even if you find out why this is happening the responsibility is likely to be something on the Roon Rock and you won’t be able to do anything about it as the Rock is effectively a closed appliance.

I used to have this arrangement but fitted an SSD in the Rock. I then have a job on the QNAP that syncs in real time to the Rock. I still save to the QNAP and a copy replicates over automatically.

Roon checks the library at regualr intervals but this is normally 4 hours unless its given a file system update by the hosting operating system. If using NAS as music storage then more often or not it wont report changes to the file system such as adding new files as NAS are not good at reporting thisout and it seems to affect linux more than other OS. I have same issue with Plex and LMS when they run on other computers and use NAS just as storage. So not sure Roons the cause. But it does I suppose have a constant connection when music is perhaps paused and play queue is not clear?

NAS dont report back any file system changes very well as explained above.

I meant the option to turn off any real time checks by the Rock, as the OP seems to be happy with a daily update

it wont mattter as it wont get real time updates due to what I mentiond s as the NAS doesnt give the them , thats what Roon looks for in this state. It will automatically do a full scan every 4 hours though or you can edit it to be higher or lower but real time doesnt work if storage is on NAS very well if at all. This is very well documented on Roons knowledge base and forum.

Roon looks for metadata updates more regualrly but this would only write to the local database on ROCK not the NAS but it might be sniffing to see if storage and files are still there.

OK, I did say I only have an internal store, it was just a guess to look in the menu, who knows

its worth a try but I think its mainly down to its other functions and not this side of things. I gave up having storage for ROCK on NAS as a result of it not updating in real time everytime I added new music. Still have to put it up with it for Plex though.

Makes sense. Can’t remember how my NAS behaved in this regard, my use of XMBC/Kodi is long past. As trickydickie said, the Rock is an appliance and does what it does. It’s great at it but you better do things the way it wants them to be done. I am loving that it is self-sufficient with the internal storage (and the NAS pulls a nightly backup)

Thanks, all makes sense guys but doesn’t explain the disk write access.

It’s definitely Roon causing it, no Roon no disk access every 5 secs. As it happens I have my storage folder monitor/rescan set to 24hours in Roon. Also the NAS “user” that has access to the NAS (i.e. the user details configured in Roon for NAS access) only has RO permissions.

Maybe this is normal Roon behaviour but would be good to confirm with someone who has similar configuration.

There is a thread in the Roon forum, “Roon Causing Constant NAS HDD Access”, I didn’t read it though :slight_smile:

I seen now there is a long explanation by Roon staff

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