Roon on Synology NAS DSM7 via NDX to external DAC - how to?

I went to install and use Roon on my Syno920+ then discovered Synology had disabled using USB out for audio in their latest DSM7 OS so I am not sure how to connect the Roon controlled Syno NAS via my non roon ready NDX1 to my Marantz SA14SE which I use as my DAC through to Supernait 1?

Any help or pointers to help appreciated…

My Synology NAS is connected using LAN via a network switch into my NDX2. Do you have that option?

Thanks for your response Neil and I should have been clearer - The NAS does run through an Ubiquiti switch to the NDX1. my unkown is more how do I route the signal through the NDX1 keeping in mind that I want to use Roon installed on my NAS to control my music.

It may be obvious to the initiated but which inut source on the NDX do I lelect as I don’t want to see the NAS as a upnp device I assume as that will the have the NAIM app controlling things rather than the Roon app.

i miss the analog world where I could just follow cables and switches that were all visible. Networking even after many years of using it is like a dark art to me…

Hi. I use a Synology nas with dsm7 but have a ndx2 so use the roon interface which is supported natively.

When I owned an NDX I used a Sonore UPnP bridge which “Roonified” the NDX and allowed me to control playback using the Roon Interface. They aren’t very expensive and may solve your problem.

I don’t know how sound quality would compare with your previous way of connecting but I wouldn’t expect there to be much of a loss. May even sound better by eliminating the noisy USB port of the NAS.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

i appreciate the help John. The noisy NAS usb port is no longer an issue beacause synology have stopped supporting USB output for Audio devices thus making life easier for themselves first and putting their customers especially those who were using the USB out previously , last.

If I was to contemplate a Sonore UPNP bridge then essentially (unless I am wrong) I am just duplicating the streamer section of my NDX in which case I may as well replace the NDX as I don’t use it’s DAC. On the other hand I may well not have understood how all this works.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hi, the lack of the USB out on your NAS is no loss as there is no compatible USB input on the NDX, although there may be on your Marantz.
Roon would find your NDX if you added a Sonore UPnP Bridge as previously suggested. It won’t Roonify your Marantz though, as that is not a UPnP client device, so you need to keep the NDX or an alternative streamer.
Note that Roon has its own control app so you should install that on your phone, tablet or computer. Even with the UPnP Bridge you will not be using the Naim app to control Roon.

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It’s not duplicating the streamer, it just changing the delivery protocol of the audio stream it’s a lossless process and bridged the two . The NDS is still very much in the chain and responsible for the streaming and the audio playback.

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