Roon playback / radio failure

I’ve left a note on the Roon forum, but thought I would raise the issue here too.
Yesterday Roon radio with Qobuz began playing up: it would stop at the end of a track. I had to manually nudge it along. This problem then occurred when playing music from my own library.

I reset my core, my software is upto date, but the problem persists. Anyone else had an issue like this?

Yes, I’ve had this.

If you are using a bridge which I’m sure you still are then there is an issue with them when you change resolutions between tracks which happens frequently with Roon radio as you are playing random tracks rather than albums. This happens with LMS-to-UPNP and rooUPNP (which is LMS-to-UPNP repackaged) but not the Sonore Bridge.

I’ve found the main issue is when a 24/192 track is played followed by a track in any other resolution.

I raised this on the LMS-to-UPNP forum and the conclusion from the developer when reviewing the logs was that the Naim streamer isn’t quite complying with expected behaviours. i.e. this can’t be resolved although it’s curious that the Sonore brodge handles this OK.

I use the Sonore bridge on my NDS and RooUPNP for everything else including my Qute which I believe you have several? To resolve/workaround this I have switched the lessor devices to use FLAC compression within Roon. This completely resolves the issue and I can’t really tell the difference between FLAC and WAV/PCM with the Qute and the Muso QB’s. The NDS uses PCM with the Sonore.


Interesting that it only started yesterday. I’m not aware of changes in file format of the music I was listening to; to day it was with an album where the music was interspersed with speech.
Thanks for the workaround - I’ll try your suggestion.

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Qobuz have had a few issues of late as well so might be related to that also. I am sure if the lms2upnp bridge is the sole issue it would affect all Innuos/Naim users as it’s the same plugin although I think they rolled back recently as the newer one broke something.

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@trickydickie thanks for the tip. Seems to work so far.

I spoke too soon … now the NDS won’t respond to the SonoreBridge and the ‘Qutes have reverted to not liking Roon Radio, even on my own library.

I think I’ll drop a line to Dr Cho and to Martin at Audiostore to see what’s going on.

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@trickydickie Interesting that the although no music is playing via Roon radio the bar chart logo, and the pause icon suggest something is going on …

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