Roon pointless, but working from home

So I have tried Roon around 4 times always loved the curating and UI, but I still find my Innuos gives superior playback, meaning Roon becomes for me an expensive app.

I am one of them annoying, skip, flip track album, playlist and struggle to find new music, so sometimes don’t bother listening as just listening to favourites is a bit boring.

Where Roon has and moreso working from home is Roon Radio, i play a favourite playlist or album, when it ends Roon Radio seamlessly takes over and I very rarely touch the remote.

Trying Roon again this morning, played one album, Roon Radio kicked in and and hour on i only skipped once.

So could Roon be a very expensive DJ app, for the lazy listener ?

And that where I’m at with Roon.
I have one endpoint, my ND5XS2. One NAS. And Qobuz.
Yes, the UI is different and better than Naim app. I’m not really convinced by the upsampling magic that takes place in the “core” aka, my Synology NAS.
My TT still gets good use, and I still buy media, albeit CDs are always second hand for a couple of ££.
I’m keeping qobuz, but with 10 days left of an extended trial on Roon I’m not sure. I must be missing something?

Of course that is an option for those that want it… I guess most leave all that stuff disabled… I do for the most part…

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Yeah, i have started to dabble again, not sure why it limits to DSD64, thought the Nova is good for DSD128, getting a light pop as each track progresses to the next.

Because you using the Innuos as the player not the Novas Roon Ready input over network. This is the issue with Innuos as core and streamer. Its acting as a Squeezebox so your limited to what they are capable of which is 192/24 so you get DSD vis DoP which is a max of DSD64. If you have the Nova as the endpoint in Roon via its network connection you will get full specs of the Nova DAC DSD128 and 384/24 PCM. I really dont understand why when you have a Roon Ready device as the Nova you use the player in the innous. Roon do say for best SQ seperate the two use the innuos as core only and Nova as the Roon endpoint.

Always been advised by Innuos and Roon to utilise the Squeezelite experimental option to benefit from the RAM buffering.

Interesting I noticed since the last Innuos update, Roon regards my Audiophilleo SPDIF as is connected to the core so ignores it.

This option is recommened only if your using the Innous as the streamer not when you have a seperate Roon ready endoint such as the Nova. Roon is a heavy application that can generated CPU noise which can get transferred via the USB out of the Innous and then in your SPDIF converter. This likely the main reason Innuos owners who try roon via the USB out prefer the Experimental player as its an attempt to reduce this noise and why its used for the Innuos default player. The issue is with Innuos not being clean enough to be Roon server and endpoint. Roon strongly recommend decoupling the heavy duty Core activity from the sensitive audio chain and thus via a network connection.

I ended up cancelling Roon again, still find Innuos, through the Audiophilleo SPDIF, to Nova, controlled via the functional iPeng still sounds allot better.

It is good on Roon though to allow people the option to try and decide.

Out of interest wondering if you have tried upnp over the network from Innuos to the Nova and still prefer the spdif route to network streaming?

Prior to the Innuos I was using a Raspberry Pi setup to UPnP, then somewhat randomly choose Innuos, the Zen Mini home demo setup was UPnP, it was step up from the Pi, the rather quickly I ended up with the Zenith.

I found the Zenith such a large step up and looked more into the setup and also changed my priorities (the ndx2/sn2), taking advice from Innuos i ended up adding the Audiophilleo to benefit from the track RAM buffering, since then I have not changed anything in the setup, aside from cables, fuses, the Nova/Innuos Zenith/Audiophilleo combo has stopped my upgrade itch.

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