Roon relegated

Since it automatically updated me to 1.7 without a ‘by your leave’ and I lost the ability of early 1.6 to peruse my Qobuz Purchases directly I’ve switched back to Audirvana, and it’s just more intuitive.

I search for an artist/album and I get a page with 3 tabs - so simple to know where the music is coming from unlike Roon:

Compact player with nice artwork:

Somehow I just feel more in control:

Frankly the software is an utter bargain with no annual subscription, and sonically sounds better to me than Roon.

You’ll notice in some of those screenshots that ‘now playing’ is at the bottom as I search for other things to play - oh, and I’m not sure I’d bother with Ms Musgraves’ Christmas Show!

Careful now. I was hammered for daring to suggest that it’s not all that.

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Well done it looks like you are sorted.

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Roon, Audirvana or Kacey? :slight_smile:

Definitely Roon :slight_smile:

I’d never diss Kacey.


IIRC there is a setting in Roon where you can tell where the data-stream is coming from. Mine clearly say “CD” or “Tidal” I also show the bitrate info.

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