Roon Rock access to NAS - pw change

little technical question:

I use Roon Rock running on a NUC. Roon accesses three “sources”: Tidal, Qobuz an my QNAP 219 NAS. Most recently I changed the generic password of the NAS. Expectedly Roon couldn’t access to music files on the NAS anymore. So I thought to go to the Roon properties and just update the credentials over there. Strange enough that does not seem to be possible ! Even “browsing” to my NAS and set up a new connection for Roon, wasn’t possible.

In the end I had to change the NAS password to it’s original to make things work again

Anything I overlooked?

You need to disable the current one then add it again as a new network share I am afriaid. It shouldn’t do a full rescan as the paths will be the same.

@CrystalGipsy that’s what I also guessed … stange enough I couldn’t even access the NAS from within Roon. I could only access when setting the pw to it’s original again

Odd. Which method you using smb:// ipaddress/share or \ipaddress\share

The latter. Should I use the first one? @CrystalGipsy

Try it and see. I have used both at times.

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