Roon ROCK, on router or mesh node?

I have my NDX2 connected via Ethernet to one of the nodes in our mesh network. Curious about opinions on connecting the Roon ROCK nuc directly to the router, or to the node connected to the NDX2.


If the node is hardwired back to the router then yes that’s ok. If it’s using wireless backhaul I would say no. The core is best with a dedicated hardwire connection from the router, wether that is via a switch or a fed from a mesh nodenor other hardware that has a wiref backhaul. Roon strongly recommend to not use wireless for the core part and I agree fully with this. Roon can be very demanding on a wireless network as its a server pulling and pushing info not just pushing like upnp. It may well work but many many people have more issues with connected the core using wireless uplink. YMMV


Cool! Thanks!

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