Roon , Roonifing NDS/NDX for dummies! (MAC OSX)

Hi everyone,

I have a NDS and I want to stream Tidal Master content in 24/96 as they should…

Knowing NDS and other naim streamers are not able to stream the Tidal master content in 24/96 res. and there are software/hardware solutions to counter this that was created by some genius Naimie here in the thread.

For those who already done this, this is a boring and possibly the 100th thread on how to Roonifying legacy Naim Streame. But as I am no tech/IT guy, I have no idea what was going on in all those threads involving namely the LMS-UpnP bridge/OSX config.xml scrip/Squeeze box/Rpi/Sonore uPnp box/Roon core/Roon Endpoint/Roon server…etc
I tried to follow the steps but failed in the end.

Will any of the Naimie here can give a helping hand to list how what are the steps to do in order to make NDS able to play the Tidal Master (MQA) “1st level unfold?” I will be much appreciated.
Hopefully this can benefit a bigger group of Naimie like me who with no/limited Tech/IT background but having the same need before Naim can do a Firmware update (which is very much unlikely)?

Much appreciated,
Stay safe!

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