Roon settings for ND5 X2

what are the best settings for using roon with the ND5 X2?


I use the default setting that’s enough for me. From time to time I do use Volume Leveling which is fantastic for casual listening.

See this post from @Simon-in-Suffolk

Chris indeed i overwrite the max sample size down to 24 bit on the Roon endpoint advanced setup for Naim streamers… for me this provides the best SQ and equivalence with UPnP media

Anyone know the reasoning behind this? Is this to match the max sample size if you are running an external DAC?

Leave it as it is. I found no benefit changing it at all. SiS uses external DAC so might make a difference.

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I use an external DAC, but in discussion with my dealer today they also do this with the inbuilt DACs… however they feel for whatever reason in their setup that Roon RAAT doesn’t sound as good as UPnP.
That is different from what we experienced in my setup… I am thinking it’s possibly down to different Roon media servers… and the the inter frame timing affecting SQ as it does for different UPnP media servers… so perhaps not all Roon servers sound the same… but by decoupling the DAC from transport one is limiting any possible effects of this…


Thanks Simon!
In my system I haven’t noticed a difference either, but I don’t use an external DAC. I have no issues w/the default settings and I don’t use UPnP anymore as Roon RAAT works well for me and I love my room correction custom convolution filter. I’ve contemplated swamping out my Mac mini for something else, but I’d rather save for new speakers or an external DAC(holding out hope Naim)

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