Roon: slight background noise

Just noticed it tonight on my Uniti Star.

When I start playing anything from Tidal or Qobuz, after selection the moment the track is activated but before the music starts there seems to be a very very slight almost hummy noise. That persists if the track is stopped and then cuts out a second or two later.

This does not happen to local files also played via Roon.

Anyone notice something like this?

If I play the same track via the Naim app it’s clean as a whistle.

Updated the Star to new firmware today but have no idea if that was there before as I am only a week into my trial and now in a late night quiet room.

I can’t say I’ve noticed this with Roon. What are you running the Roon Core on?
If you use wired Ethernet, you could try pulling the cable from the Star, or from the Roon Core. Music should continue to play until the buffer empties, but if there’s any interference coming through the network, that should stop.
Also, do you have any other devices connected to the Star? If so, try unplugging them.

I’ve not heard it either…

Is the sound present…
Between tracks?
Between tracks on the same album that should be gapless?
Between tracks on different albums?
Between different sample rates?

I have a possibly unreliable memory that Roon rolls a short piece of digital silence in some circumstances. Is it possible you are hearing the difference between ‘no music’ and ‘mute’?

Running it on a Windows 10 Acer Aspire 5. The Room Core is WiFi connected.

It seems to be only when I select a new track and it is “thinking”. Between tracks it’s hapless and now problems. Also when I stop playing it seems to go for a second it two.

But it is extremely slight. And only audible to me on headphones. Kinda like hearing a mosquito on the other side of the room.

I’ve actually tried it on Tidal specifically now and seems ok there too.

Perhaps a Qobuz niggle. They were down earlier so who knows. I’m gonna check it out tomorrow again.

Do you have Roon resync delay set to anything other than 0mS?

No it’s set to 0ms.

Ah. Not that tree then…

I can’t reproduce it, but I don’t have the same hardware. A further (maybe unreliable) thought - I think Roon plays ‘digital silence’ for a short time when you stop play too. If I’m right, your ‘noise’ should stop when the ‘signal path’ light goes out in the play bar at the bottom.

Doesn’t explain why it’s only Tidal/Qobuz and not local though.

Any DSP turned on in Roon?

Yeah that is exactly when it happens, when the signal path light is on.

It could really be oversensitivity. If there is any ambient noise at all in the room it is so slight that it gets drowned out completely. And I cannot understand why it would not for local files as well.

As for DSP, not that is all turned off.

FWIW I have thrown the question onto the Roon forum as well. See what comes out there.

So to (hopefully) close this issue thought I’d update on what happened.

I got support from Room asking me to check if other outputs were doing the same thing. On the laptop there was no noise.

Only on the Star and only when playing from Tidal or Qobuz.

So out of frustration I set the resync delay on the Naim zone to 1000ms and the noise was gone. Then I reset to 0ms and the noise is still gone. Seems to have reset something that needed resetting.

Will see if the noise returns.

Let’s hope it stays quiet…

Oh yeah I am very much with you on that hope…

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Back here to report that the sound returned last night. The Resync Delay was a red herring.

I have now re-arranged things so I can wire in the Roon Core. For now wiring in and not running over Wifi seems to take the noise away. I would not be surprised if it was indeed the problem.

If it stays way I will report back and profusely apologise for willfully running the Core on Wifi despite all the recommendation not to.

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