Roon SQ

Many discussions about the sq of roon, part-time audiophile/Scott Hull confirms some guessings now:

best playback sound quality on the Aurender A30 comes from files I loaded on it. NAS, Roon , streaming services – all (unfortunately) cannot match the richness, dimensionality, and immediacy of playback from local storage. I (really) wish it were otherwise, but as this is also true of my W20 and the ZENith server from Innuos , I wasn’t surprised by this discovery. What seems wildly obvious as of this writing is that high-res downloads are not optional for those on the quest for the ultimate in sound. And given that you’re reading about an $18,000 device, I’m guessing that means you.

Nice thing with Roon with the latest Naim streamers is that it decouples the physical source location of the media stream with SQ… ie remote or local streaming are the same…
And Naim from time to time will tweak the Roon renderer to make that perform better and better.
I guess that is the advantage of buying Naim over perhaps some other brands; ie Naim have focussed on letting this be so with their new advanced streaming transport.


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