Roon summer update

Really like the daily mix in the latest Roon update.

6 daily mixes new each day. I like this as there are times when I don’t know what to listen to. This gives a full mix or a good starting point to explore.

Not earth shattering but sometimes it’s the minor updates that get used most.



All of my first 6 daily mixes are appropriate and useful. I like even more the list of fixes that addressed some real issues for me, such as a fix for Android tablets to enable going back to Focus after having scrolled down an album list. Also good to read that the team size has increased significantly. After a rocky start to 1.8, they brought it back into shape IMHO. (If only they would have waited with the release until now :slight_smile: )

I notice thay have also managed to access Tidal’s MyMix playlists which most had eluded them (and Naim) until now. Not enough to lure me back to Tidal, but I guess it’s progress.

Not just the mixes, but also “The page has been redesigned to include many of TIDAL’s latest features and content, including top charts, TIDAL staff picks and latest MQA playlists and more”. Many people seem to like these in the Tidal app, so seems pretty useful :+1:

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I need to update, but I’m listening to music!

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Roon keeps innovating – it remains a bag of little surprises. Well worth the life-time membership!


I don’t seem to have any Daily Mixes, apart from the Tidal mixes. Where are they?


Maybe your app hasn’t updated yet. Mine hadn’t on my ipad and I had to force it to update in the apps store.

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Thanks, yes. I had to delete and download the Roon Remote. Keeping my calm during the match (we just equalised!)

You need the latest apps. It’s on the home screen below the NRFY section.

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May I ask where I can find the daily mixes? Just updated to the new build, bit I cannot find them.
Thank you very much.

See above.


Thanks, @CrystalGipsy. Build 806 is the lastet, isn’t it? Do I have to activate the daily mixes somewhere manually? They dot not appear in my apps yet.

No, delete the app and download again from the App Store

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Daily mixes are perhaps a little conservative. I do like Tidal My Mixes though. They are a nice combination of known and new.

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I already did - unfortunately without any success …

Hmm, I don’t even have a NRFY section…… I’m on Roon 1.8……

Very happy with Daily Mixes today — Roon picked a great collection of Helene Grimaud pieces for me, which I enjoyed very much during work today.

Wonder what Roon gets me tomorrow! :smiley:

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Do you subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz?

And you subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz. Restart your core if so. There is a support thread on the Roon forum as a few have had this and got it too work with a reboot of both core and remotes. If you can’t I would add to that thread. Worked fine for my but I use Android and not iOS seems to be iOS users having the issue.

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