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Morning all

Following the recent poll, it’s apparent that we have a lot of users on the Forum.

I am still in the middle of my trial but I am going to carry it on.

I thought it would be a great idea to get a thread going About tips and tricks, maybe features that aren’t obvious and other things that could help everyone’s experience going forward.

Cheers all. :+1:t2:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Read the Roon knowledge base.

(not necessarily in that order… )


Hi Simon, have you experienced any of the Roon advanced settings that could help with anything?


Buy a lifetime sub :wink:

Ha, just have.


If using a digital transport with SPDIF output, limit RAAT to 24 bit… seems to improve things a little.

I’m relatively new to Roon, but by digging into Focus, Tags and Bookmarks, you can really take control of viewing your library. Well worth spending some time looking at how this side of Roon works.



Yes could not agree more. These powerful yet simple things help you access material in your library so much quicker and allow you to create custom views to some extent to show specific content once set you can forget it as it will always update the content your searching for with new additions. Shame this level of control is not on the general search but limited to what’s in your library only. Maybe one day they will find a way.


Oh wow, good call. I’m now using SPDIF to a nDAC from a ND5XS2

I’m sure a lot of people know this already, but bookmarks update automatically and tags don’t. Thus, for example, if you have a “Classical” bookmark and add another album with the genre “Classical” it’s included within that bookmark.

Creation of bookmarks is not as intuitive as it might be (in my opinion) but go through “Focus”, set the criteria and create the bookmark from there.



I do not use DSP.
If you do, just upsample to max PCM, power of 2.

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The Android Roon app is very good (iPad better)…as many others have said, Roon with Qobuz is an excellent combination

Few things from my side that might help.
Focus - absolutely agree with the above, a great way to dig into your collection and slice ,n dice to your hearts content!
Knowledge Base - recommend to have a good read of this and refer to it in the early days as it will answer most questions that crop up
Settings - I found I was tinkering in Settings a lot in the early days, good to understand what options are available so you can set up your collection how you want to visualise it
Back Up - good to automate a Back Up so should the worst come to the worst you can get your settings back (I have actually needed to do this once and it worked well)
Tags - when I add albums from Tidal Im not always sure I will keep them, so to know what music i want to listen to / to check out I tag them with a ‘To Check Out’ tag. If I like them I remove the tag, if I dont like it and dont want it in my collection I just delete the album. I also Tag albums that Ive added that I like so much that I want to buy the CD/Hi res album so I tag those ‘To Purchase’. Just helps me keep track of things so I dont end up with lots of albums in my collection that I dont want and I can see at a glance what Im looking to buy.
DSP - Its a bit of a novelty at first, but I generally dont dabble apart from the Plug In preset for my headphones
General - I honestly hadnt realised when I took out the subscription that it would allow me to access my local and streamed music anywhere in the house via the Roon interface on any of my endpoints. So the fact that my Innuos server was connected to my NDS was irrelevant from this point on. It was a bit of a revelation.

I often find that Ive just learnt something new about some setting or option that helps me do something different and Im 6 months in now - plenty of things to pick up as you go along, plenty of helpful people too, @trickydickie was a great help to me early in my Roon journey (thanks Richard)


Does anyone know how to filter the NOT identified albums of the collection? With the inspector I am only able to find the identified albums.

Thanks for advice.

Select the tick box, then click on the green ‘+identified’ button at the top of the inspector dialogue box and it will change to a red ‘-identified’ button, ie ‘not identified’.


Thanks Andy!

There are many “play actions” you can select (or deselect). Worth looking at as the defaults are not a set I’d be inclined to agree with.

It’s also worth looking at extensions. These are user “enhancements” that are easy enough to set up if you don’t have a ROCK core. There is an alarm clock one, stop play after x time or songs etc. I really like the “pause” one which allows you to add a “stop” command to the queue.



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