Roon + Uniti Core

I listen to music via my Nova which is linked to a Uniti Core and iMac. I subscribe to Roon. I’ve ripped all my cd’s to my Core using FLAC., which I’d previously ripped to my iMac. When I look at the source of a track playing through Roon it invariably is preferring the iMac rip, which I understand is not as good as the Core rip (otherwise what’s the point of buying a Uniti Core?)

Is there a way in Roon that automatically sets the Uniti Core version of an album as the primary version?

If the source of both rips is the same CD, the data is identical and Roon will send an identical RAAT stream to the Nova. I think they will sound identical.

However… if you go into settings/storage in Roon, you can disable the location with the iMac rips, and add a location for the Uniti Core share.

I run Roon on a Mac, and it does seem to default to the music library on it rather than my Unitiserve. I guess the Roon Core is set to go to the locally stored album first. Where I have the same album in both libraries, it sounds identical to me, and I wouldn’t expect there to be any difference just because they were ripped on a different drive.

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