Roon with Naim superuniti

Hi guy’s just wondering if there’s a way to get roon working through my network and into my Superuniti…I know it’s not native roon ready.
I am currently on a trial version of roon, having downloaded it onto my pc.I am liking what it’s doing with my library compared to running plex through my network, fed from a synology nas drive . At the moment I’m just running the roon core from my pc’s optical out straight into the sp/dif of the SU from the pc…it sounds good to my ears but just wondering if there’s another way to skin this cat.

There are literally 1000s of ways to skin this cat. The easy way to narrow it down is how much do you have to spend?

I used this post to do this with a 272 streamer/amp and Unitiqute. Works fine.

I believe the best way to do this is to bridge between Roon and UPNP using a software bridge.

There are 3 basic ways to do this.

  1. Sonore UPNP Bridge - you have to buy it, it’s the easiest to implement but only supports one player at a time.

  2. RooUPNP - This is a Raspberry Pi implementation of the UPNPBridge Software which appears as an extension within Roon. You have to buy a Raspberry Pi and the software and then all you do is create the SD Card using your computer, plug it in and start it up. From thereon in it’s as simple as the Sonore device but cheaper and will support multiple devices. There are some current issues with how it handles changes in resolution within a playlist or Roon radio - playback stops; but the developer is working on this. Currently the software is in beta and free so it’s quite easy to try if you have a Raspberry Pi available.

  3. Use the lms-to-upnp (UPNPBridge) software which is freely available. This is the hardest option but works very well, it’s what I currently use. A forum search will through up some information on this. You do need to be computer savvy to get this going.

Aside from the bridge approach you could use a Google Chromecast Audio or other streamer that supports Roon. These then feed in to your SuperUniti so you are using the SuperUniti as a DAC (and pre/power amp). These are easy to implement but may not sound as good as the bridge approach.

OK . thanks guys…I might just keep it as is…my pc is also a gaming rig so it sits only a metre away from my Superuniti…it’s mostly running anyway so it’s not too much of a problem having it connected via a cable to the SU…I assume this would be as good as if not better than a chromecast audio…it’s quite a powerful pc.

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