Roonifying NDX - supporting 192kHz playback

Thanks to the many good posts on installing the LMS UPnPBridge, I was able to get Roon working with my NDX. Unfortunately, as some forum members noted, playback was limited to 96kHz files and I had to configured the Roon DSP sample rate conversion to down-sample higher frequency files.

I was able to resolve this limitation today. The fix was to significantly boost the size of the bridge’s buffers. I am sure these settings can be optimized, but the following are the buffer sizes in config.xml that get 192kHz music working without down-sampling for me.


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Yes I had a problem with 24bit files for a while intermittent audio glitches…I have my buffers set exactly the same and it has all been working fine for some time.

May I just confirm the size of the output size is 41943040?
Mine was set as 4194304.

Hi @Camphuw ,
That is correct. Increasing the size of the output size buffer by a factor of 10 enabled streaming of 192kHz files. I am sure the memory efficiency can be improved, but I have plenty of memory on my Synology NAS where I run Roon so I didn’t take the time to optimize this value.


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Good spot, actually mine is set to 4194304 and seems to work well. Having said that I don’t have many 192kHZ files.

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Thanks for posting this.

Before you changed these settings would you get a static noise when starting playback f the high res format files?

I’ve been using on the default values with LMS-to-upnp running within LMS in a container on my QNAP and have been able to playback 24/192 files without issue.

When I say without issue the only occasions when I have had a problem is when rapidly changing tracks of various formats, i.e. excessive track skipping in a mixed playlist. I’d then find that playing theses files would be broken until I played a 16/44 file which seems to ‘reset’ things.

I did try using a Raspberry Pi instead of the container solution and found this much more unreliable so will give these settings a go on that.

Thanks for posting. I’ve applied the settings to my current ‘production’ version and all seems well.

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@trickydickie, before I applied these changes, 192kHz files failed to play silently. I had turned on verbose debug logging for the LMS UPNP Bridge and when UPNP data was being sent to the NDX, the connection was being dropped on these hi-resolution files.

Incidentally, I heard static noise when the L24_format was not set to 1.



Useful - thanks

Anyone else have problems with the latest release of the LMS squeeze2upnp software?
Roon had been playing up the last few days; first I updated and rebooted my Audiostore Server. As a result I “lost” a couple rooms; all fine with the Naim app but Roon was not working on any of the Naim streamers (NDS and Unitiqutes). I then updated LMS (1.48 released yesterday as opposed to 1.47 that was released on 24th Jan); now all my rooms have been found but no sound comes out of the chosen system, except for my MacMini and Apple TV / Sony TV.

On the Roon screen the music bar does not move, whilst in the zone window shows music is playing (see screen shot).

I’m running 1.45.3 on my ‘production’ server but have just downloaded 1.48.0 and spun it up on my Windows computer and have managed to play as normal.

Have you checked you config.xml file in case it’s been overwritten for any reason? What you are seeing looks very like what happens when roon_mode is set to 0 instead of 1?

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Thanks for the suggestion - spot on. The first time I installed it the config had been deleted. Creating it did not solve the problem. I’ll tackle it again tomorrow.

I expect it’s the roon_mode setting.

I notice 1.48.1 is now available. I’ve installed this morning and it seems fine with Naim and Yamaha streamers

Reinstalled squeeze2upnp along with config.xml, with the above adjustments. All seems to be working well. I had wondered if it was something to do with the imminent arrival Big Sur 11.1
I note 1.49 is now available - so whilst at the Mac I might as well install this. Done … working fine

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I’ve tried using the new (1.49) version on my mac but doesn’t seem to work and going back to the old version I get static when trying to play a hi res file. The Config.xml file remains unchanged

Additionally I have the application running in Automator successfully, however when using the newer version of squeeze2upnp-osx-multi-static the workflow completes and the spinning cogwheel disappears from the top menu bar.

Hmmm… Can’t seem to work out what I have screwed up.

With the new version you may have lost the config.xml file which seems to have happened to @Camphuw. Also check the roon_mode setting is correct - should be 1.

Regarding the static, try rebooting your streamer. I’ve had this very occasionally and normally playing a 16/44 file will resolve but a streamer reboot always works for me.

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Thanks have checked and I do have a correct Config file and Roon_mode is set to 1. I will try rebooting the NDS.


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I am also looking for the posts to install the UPnPBridge for my NDS, but it seems very difficult and you will need some knowledge of linux syntax? Could you please point me to the right direction as I tried installed the zip file and use MBP as a endpoint/core, it just didn’t work.

Much appreciated.


Hi, try this thread, the instructions are in there, plus links to the original thread on the subject.

Thanks Robert, it works now.

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