Router Isolation Stand?

I was just curious about this.For those who stream either music or video, do you isolate your router from vibration on any kind of stand, and if so, what? The router is after all an integral part of the streaming path so presumably should benefit from a proper stand as much as any other component. Any experience or thoughts on this welcome.

a complex multilayered sandwich anti-vibration construction

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Here is mine. The bananas and the salt and pepper grinders are placed in order to minimise standing waves, determined using quantum theory.


Very sensible solution as usual but no banana I’m afraid. You already have several anyhow.

Thanks hungyhalibut. This looks to be an ideal set up. I suspect the exact type of banana is critical here, as with the salt and pepper grinders, and I can see that you have taken great care to create an alignment with the geomagnetic field. Much like Stonehenge in fact. Can’t think why this wasn’t so obvious to me? I will implement a similar solution immediately. Just getting the better half to mark out a pentogram on the floor while I go out to look for some cockerels…


@hungryhalibut - I’m sorry to say you’re behind the curve there - the No-hair theorem is the now the standard.
And precludes the use of bananas.

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No bananas here. We’re strictly an Apple household.



In all honestly I doubt it would make any difference. In my house the router is 45’ from my system.

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Mine sits next to our Himalayan pink rock salt lamp.

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I’m sure that alone improves the overall sound quality

The general consensus then, if I am reading this right, is that people think that there is nothing to be gained from paying any special attention to the router. Fair enough - but I confess I find this illogical. The same people have no doubt spent a small fortune on racking to isolate black boxes. Yet the router is unimportant, although if you are streaming music/video then it is a very significant piece of electronics ie. you won’t be able to stream without it!

Seriously, can someone explain to me why the router isn’t worth bothering with when we bother with so many other things that we insist have a bearing on sound quality?


It’s a fair question. Black boxes carry audio signals rather than robust TCP/IP packets of data and therefore routers shouldn’t be affected.
There’s lots of Snake Oil, OCD and expectation bias in HiFi, tread carefully otherwise you can end up walking on a Teflon slope with ice shoes.


Why not try some isolation and report your findings. Glass and balls. Sorbothane. Magic pebbles. Spun pubic hair. Lots of options. It may work. Hifi is a veritable playground for the obsessive. There comes a point when you say, ‘enough’.


Naim have been working on a prototype for several years now……


Careful cable dressing too…

Here in Thailand, home internet installation by your friendly local ISP usually has your router dangling in mid-air, suspended by one or more Ethernet cables.

I’d previously attributed this to pure laziness, but I now realise it’s a cunning isolation trick!

More usefully, I have recently replaced the router’s especially nasty wall-wart PSU with a £40 LPSU, which does offer sonic benefits IMO. While I doubt the LPSU is improving anything per se, I suspect the wall-wart was emitting some sort of detrimental noise.


Please be super careful about putting anything on top of one of those. There is a design weakness in that particular apple product. The power supply electrolytic capacitor overheats very easily and fails prematurely. Failure after 18 months-2 years is not uncommon. On the other hand, if left al fresco, 9 years is perfectly possible. Ours lasted 9 years.

Best regards, BF

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thank you, yes I’ve noticed it tends to get warm/hot hence the radial air-cooling “system” - ours is at 5-6 years so hm:))


Honestly I think using some kind of surge/ power line filter actually makes more sense

TPLink Archer AC5400 Tri-band router on Atacama Evoque 30/40 base. Initially I just used it to lift the router off the carpet with no expectation of improvements but was surprised to hear a useful uplift in sound quality.