Router, switch and B&O

A friend has a perennial problem. Put simply his music is on an Audiostore music server (black box) that is connected to Cisco switch connected to a Gigaclear FTP router. However his endpoints are part of an B&O multi-room system, which the music server, via Roon, sees, but only intermittently sends music to, and allows my friend to then choose the room he wants the music in. Another symptom is that if it does work it plays a single album and then begins to skip tracks.

He is getting very frustrated … (in the past I have tried RPi with LMS2UPnP but with the sae results).

First, I have read, IIRC, that I should change the router address, but I fear my friend’s Sky box will over rule it. Is this true?

Second, could the problem be that the B&O box does not use UPnP? If so is there an other music protocol I should try?

Third, I have read that the DNS associated with Roon Bridges could be changed ( … but knowledge her runs out. Thus, where on the system outlined above should I change the DNS?

Thanks for any advice … I will post this on the Roon forum. (I have spoken to Martin at the Audiostore and he is at a loss … it may be time to return the black box for a refund.)

Roon does not use UPnP, so that’s irrelevant if his B&O are proper Roon endpoints.

I would not mess with the upstream DNS server address unless there is a good reason to. It’s unlikely to cause problems on the local network unless there is some routing table issues.

I would look for the problem on the local network first and would start with the basics.

  • There should be only one DHCP server running. Make sure there isn’t a forgotten device on the network that runs one. The clients should all use DHCP, not static address setups
  • Do the Roon remotes reliably see the endpoints and only the streaming fails, or is seeing the endpoints unreliable as well? Similarly, is the Audiostore reliably visible from the devices that run the Roon remotes?
  • If anything is on wifi (probably at least the Roon remotes on the mobile devices are), is the wifi considered part of the local LAN together with the wired connections?
  • Is the wifi using one SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks or separate ones? (If separate, a device on the wifi may not be on the same LAN depending on which network it happens to be connected to)
  • If the endpoints are wired, does it work reliably if he uses the Roon remote on a wired computer that is on the same LAN?
  • Does the router have any firewall rules that might interfere?

Ah reading your suggestions makes me wonder about my friends’ setup. He has a number of over-the-mains wifi access points. I wonder if they are causing problems?

Might be, they are not the most reliable things. In any case worth checking / ruling out. The whole thing seems to me more likely to be in the basic network functionality rather than in the Roon Core or the endpoints acting up

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There are three end points: two TVs and the Beomaster. I suspect the Beomaster for no better reason than it controls the multi-room music.
Removing the Denvelo over the mains WiFi points will raise lifestyle issues, but they are not insurmountable.

I don’t get it, I thought the Audiostore is the Roon Core? That would control the multiroom I would think?

Good question! Based on the description I had simply assumed that they are, but on the Roon partners page they are neither listed as Roon-ready nor Roon-tested, and there is a thread on the Roon forum that seems to be saying that they have no Roon support.

So now I am completely confused about what the setup really is.

Normally you would be correct, but in this instance the B&O system controls the B&O speakers in four rooms. In addition Roon controls two TVs as outputs.

FYI there is a way to Roonify B&O speakers but it requires a RPi and bespoke DAC board. I’ve not been able to convince my friends to try this option yet.

Oh ok, then I completely misunderstood the setup. And I still don’t understand this part:

How does the music server see them via Roon if they have no Roon support?

A good question. Martin at the Audiostore says that he had worked with B&O successfully. But I don’t think B&O works natively with Roon.

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