Routing question 272 digital input


Routing question on 272 inputs via two routes: I have a Zen Mini LPSU on demo.

The Zen Mini + LPSU are connected to a 272 in two ways:

  1. chord shawline coax out from zen to digital in 272 (iPeng)

  2. chord c cat out from zen to EE8 to chord c cat in 272 (Naim Upnp)

I am playing Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow hires and Talk Colour of Spring hires both wav

I’d like to be certain which DAC is playing for connection 1. Does digital in on 272 bypass the DAC and just go via preamp? Or via 272 Dac

Connection 2 must only be 272 DAC

Just want to be sure I’m testing the effect of the LPSU when I remove it later this week after listening


Both connections will go through the 272 digital section including the DAC stage. Route 2 is via the Network card first.

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If you think about it, a digital signal has to go into the DAC in order to generate an analogue signal for the preamp.


If you want to use the Zen DAC you must connect its phono analogue outputs to one of the 272’s analogue inputs. Then you could test the effect of the power supply on the DAC.

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Thank you. Very helpful

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