Royd speakers require new base driver

hi folks my 1st post everemphasized text can someone please tell me where i can get a pair of reasonabley priced base drivers for my sons royd abbotts the make the cost

I think the Abbot used a Vifa or a Seas bass driver
You should be able to find a new old stock driver but you will need to take the fabric wrap from the original bass driver and glue it to the back of the replacement driver.
The bass driver was not modified other then this fabric wrap I believe, but the fabric is important to the abbots performance.

Hi nanimatic, welcome to the forum.
Try email or phone to Wilmslow Audio, they’ve always been my go to place for speaker parts.

Another company supplying speaker parts including drivers and excellent at advice is Falcon Acoustics.

many thanks appreciate your advice

Depending on where you are ? Wembley Loudspeakers who are actually in Shepherds Bush have been servicing speakers for over 25 years . Better known in the Pro and PA world they do Hifi as well . I think they used to do a lot for Dynaudio .
I’ve been in there many times , it’s like an Aladdins cave of driver units .

And they may be able to repair a driver, depending what is wrong with it - I had some pro Altec Lansings repaired by them (about 30 years ago!)

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Yes , they can do all that if possible. I know them quite well as I don’t live too far away . A friend has some Old Tannoy’s in there at the moment.

And Random fact , the founder was one of the Wombles .

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I once took a pair of Royds to Wembley Loudspeakers for repair. After months of silence, a friend who lives nearby went round and asked them what was going on. They eventually found them dumped in a corner, unrepaired, looking very much like they had been thrown in and out of a tour bus a few times by a bunch of roadies. Never again.

That sounds very unfortunate and out of character. I’ve been in 100s of times and yes it’s a workshop but everything nice and orderly. They only service speakers so nothing would have left the workshop .
A few years ago 2 of the 3 became ill so they were very stretched for at least a year on every level with an obvious back log . Your experience could have coincided with that time unfortunately which is also no excuse. There is now only one remaining member there but I think he’s taken someone else on who used to do part time . They do know what they are doing when it comes to drive unit replacement and repair . I’ll mention your experience to Paul the next time I see him .

To be honest it was quite some time ago, so all water under the bridge now as far as I’m concerned. I may have exaggerated a bit about the extent of the damage! Still, when they came back with dents in the veneer I was not impressed.

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Try talking to derek whittington at eye hifi , I know he was buds with joe royd back in the day

many thanks

thats interesting wilmslow audio still goin then i remember them when i was little well about 21 they were near knutsford in cheshire i am not old really

hi where do they hang out not heard of eye hifi not seen them no pun intended

you have liked royds then i thik they are brill i had the abbotts of course my son has those i have the minsrels se and a pair of epos es11s thanks for info

Very un-Womble like behaviour. Normally they made good use of the things everyday folk left behind.

Yes they were near Knutsford (Wilmslow is the clue)
The owners retired or something & the cmpy was sold to a couple of guys who set up in Broughton Astley, a small town near Leicester.
They are open during the CV restrictions for www, e-mail & phone enquiries/shopping.
Web site is wilmslowaudio etc

check out pear audio site dealers list

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