RP1-Plus with Uniti Star - Can't get it to work

Hi all, there’s this older post which has a similar question to mine but it is now closed and I can’t post to it so I’m opening this new thread.

I just bought a Rega Planar 1 Plus, it comes with a phono stage included and I connected it with a brand new RCA cable to my Uniti Star on input 1 but I do not obtain any sound coming out of the Star when the turntable is playing and Star’s Analogue 1 input is chosen. I then tested the RP1-plus with a Bose Revolve+ speaker through line-in with another cable, an RCA-to-3.5mm and I could hear the Bose and the RP-1-plus producing sound, so the turntable is fine.

Next, I tested plugging the line out from my cell phone to the Star using the 3.5mm-to-RCA cable with no volume and then turning it slowly up and I also did not hear any sound or noise coming out of the Star, it’s like it’s completely muted. I bought a 5-pin DIN adapter and I connected the turntable to Analog 2 input with the same results, no sound.

The Star works fine otherwise, I use it to play CD’s and my network files, it’s just the turntable nor any other analog input which I can’t play on either analog inputs. Did I mention his is the first time I test the Analog inputs? I can’t say it has worked in the past.

Next I did the routine troubleshooting: turn off/on the Star, unplug/plug the power and factory reset and the same result: no analog sound. At the naim app settings, I tried all the input levels, including Auto, and I also moved up and down the trim bar but still no results.

What do you think could be the problem in my case?

Are you sure the analogue input you’re using is switched on in the input settings menu?

Hey Hollow, I am positive that when I connect input 1, I select Analogue 1 and when I connect input 2 I select Analogue 2 in the Naim interface.

I would check the input is enabled in settings and also try rebooting the unit.

Thanks, the input is enabled in settings. I tried rebooting the unit and also restoring factory settings and it did not solve my problem.

Seems to be a problem then. If you’ve exhausted all the usual possibilities, maybe then try Naim support. Otherwise, next call is to your dealer I think.

I’ve written my case to Naim support, I’ll post here the outcome.

And you’ve tried the various input sensitivity settings?

Is the rp1 phone stage built into rp1 or separate? If its built in they usually have a switch for internal or external phone stage check that.

Have you altered the input sensitivity settings to the correct voltage and volume trim if necessary

I have a Planar 1 plus. It has a line level output that cannot be adjusted. I plugged mine into the phono inputs on my 272 and it just works, and works very well. In the OP’s case it sounds very much as if there is a fault with the Star. The only other check I can think of is to try playing something else into the analogue input.

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He already tried that:

I think the Star is faulty.


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I did try the various input sensitivity settings in the analog input configuration in the naim app. Still no audio.

RP1-plus has an integrated phono-stage and it has no switch for the internal/external phone stage selection. In fact, the only switch it has is the master on/off. I did hear the turntable output in a bose revolve speaker using the line-in, that’s how I assume the turntable is working fine.

I’ve written my case to Naim support and I’m awaiting for their response. The vendor is on a holiday this weekend and on Monday 5/27 as well so I’ll have to wait for a couple of more days before I can get in touch with them to troubleshoot or proceed to the warranty. From what I’ve read in this thread, it should work the way I’m trying to use it.

Thanks everyone!

My unit was shipped to the warranty facility and I’m expecting the results from the check up.

Last update on the topic, the unit was returned from warranty and the analog input now is working. I was right that it came broken from the factory.

Though my uniti is safe and ‘sounds’ back at home, there was this packaging miss from the warranty sender which made me worry whether my unit was damaged in transit.

See it for yourself

This is the state in which I found it. Totally unacceptable. If I send a $50 blender to repair, it will be returned in a better box.

Of course I’ve written feedback to them so they fix whatever problem they have. Anyway, lesson learned to remind them to do proper packaging on the returns.

Now back to the vinyls.

This is North America? @Manu might be interested in that photo.


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Indeed, North America warranty service.

I have a feeling that Manu is no longer with the distributor (?) They’ve changed their name to “Focal Naim America” and I don’t see his name on the website.