RP3 to RP8. Possibly?

Accepting the good advice from here that my RP3 may not be making the best of my recent upgrade, I am looking at replacement and will go to the RP8 if anything, probably with a Stageline powered by the 252.
The path there will be stageline on the RP3, probaly a new cart on the RP3 and if ‘not enough improvement’ then transfer the stageline and cart on to a new RP8.
Bearing that in mind, what cart is being used by people with an RP8 and Stageline? MM or MC and make?
My sound preference is for clear and deep bass, clear mid and top end, but not overly ‘bright’.

I’ve gone from a P3 with Elys2 (MM) to Planar 8 with Apheta 3 (MC). Both into a Trichord Dino Mk1.
It’s a huge step up in quality.
I will update the phono stage, but I need to save up again first.
I chose the Dino over the Stageline years ago when I got the P3.

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I suspect a lot of people buying rp6/8/10 turntables will take advantage of the offer to include ania, apheta or aphelion carts at a substantial discount, all of which are mc. (Plus they fit perfectly, you don’t have to think about arm height or anything else).
I think the ania pro would be a good partner for the rp8, but maybe not ideal on an rp3. Though if buying an rp8 from scratch you’d probably get an apheta 2.

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Isn’t it just P8 …not RP8 which is the old model

If it’s the old model the OP is thinking of buying…it will have what ever cart happens to come with it , if any?

Yes, Planar 8 replaced rp8, either one the most obvious choice cart is the ania or apheta. Or a 2m black etc etc …

Thanks. New so whatever the current designation is. P8, but I assumed it comes with no cart. Optional extra and a deal with the TT I presume if its a Rega cart. Meanwhile the Aria vs Stageline seems to be the first question for me to resolve. Aria seems the obvious choice especially with a Rega cart, apheta being the favourite in my budget.
Aria can be prviously used example but I see there are versions 1,2 and 3?

I think aria 3 = aria 2 in newest casework.
So you might find an ex dem v2 somewhere.

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Quick look online and here’s the cartridge deal
Available without a cartridge – £1,699
With Ania MC £2,119
With Ania Pro MC £2,349 (£750 by itself)
With Apheta 3 MC £2,599 - this is £1250 by itself

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I am a fan of the Stageline but it gets little love on the Forum it seems. I used mine powered by the 252 and found it excellent. I would try and get a dem of one against the Rega phono and see what you prefer.

Thanks Stuart. It is one of the reasons I will go previously owned. Not so much to lose if I decide to move one on. I don’t mind trying out electronic parts this way, the TT with moving parts has to be new though.

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For good reason
There’s a lot better out there for the money

I tried a Stageline once and was distinctly underwhelmed. With my recently acquired P6/Ania I bought a Fono MC and it’s a brilliant combination. The Fono only costs £250 but is excellent. It’s maybe best to start with this and maybe improve later if desired.

Is there any reason an Apheta cart won’t work on a a P3 /Aria combination?
(Even if it’s not giving of it’s best)

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