RP6 Upgrade

Hi,am now in a position to upgrade turntable,
current system
Rega RP6 + Ortofon M2 Bronze +Rega Fono 1.
SN3 + HCap.DR
ATC 40’s
Question is,I’m looking at either Rega P8 or P10. I will of course audition both,but was just wondering if anyone has been down this road before,ie. settling on P8,only to find they should’ve gone a step further?

I would go for Rp8 and Aria phono, instead of Rp10 and Rega phono.
I had the Rp8, actually the Rp10. It’s not night and day, even if the Rp10 is more refined, agile, and open.
Or take the Rp10 and better phono later, because if not you will have a limiting factor.

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Thanks FR, I could also get a better phono stage as well,at a stretch,but I suppose the real question is ,is that step going to be a great leap in performance? Or is the P8 enough of an improvement to satisfy me .

All depends on what you plan in the future. With an SN2, I would stay with the Rp8, it’s already very good.
My feeling…

No question, the P10 is the best table Rega ever made* but the P8 is much more forgiving, i.e. with average or under-average recordings the P10 easily becomes unlistenable. So +1 for P8 with better phonostage.

Edit: *most probably the Naiad is the best table…

Thanks guys,information / thoughts I’ll take on board,am going for audition of both decks next Wednesday,as always one can only tell by listening for oneself,but as you’ve both mentioned,my dealer was suggesting that P8 could be the way to go,will report back next week.Thanks again.


As you wrote Rp8 and Rp10, I was writing about the ex Rega P8, P10 ( current models).
Some said that P8 is even better vs Rp10…

Yes,sorry my mistake,I meant the new P8/P10.

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I have a RP6 with Naim equipment however I upgraded my tonearm with a Funk Firm Houdini.
Absolutely stunning sound, better treble but the bass, so defined and controlled. I couldn’t believe a small upgrade could make such a significant difference.

I thought Rega said their new P8 wasn’t quite as good as the original RP10? :grinning:

I believe more than Rp10 is still better, but have not compared personally.

I know I’m late here, but I sold Rega gear for 20 years. The P10 is dramatically better than the P8 imo, of course its also a lot more money. The P8 is closer to the P6 than the P10 in terms of performance. The P6 and P10 are the best performance-to-insert your currency here tables in the line up.

Hi Simon B,as reported on another thread,I opted for the P10 rather than the P8.I auditioned both with Aria and Apheta3,but concluded that the P10 was worth the extra outlay,with the knowledge,for myself,that I will probably never change my turntable again

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