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I’ve recently migrated from LMS2UPnP on my Mac Mini to a RPi running RooUPnP from rooextend. This RPi is on my LAN but powered via the house ring main. All my hifi boxes are powered from dedicated spurs, and my music server is stacked on a shelf above my Unitiqutes. I have a few questions:
A. Should I place the RPi on a dedicated spur?
B. Should I move the server away from the stack, and onto a dedicated spur? Alternatively, I can hide it away at the top of the house, but on the ring main. Both options would allow me to place the Qutes on separate shelves.
C. Has anyone used a LPS with RPi, and is there any benefit to doing so?
D. I’ve considered a LPS for the server, but it seems opinion is divided on the benefit. I’ve now sourced a 19v LPS (same source as for the RPi) but I’m not sure whether there is a consensus on using them.

I hope that these are not trivial questions, but it could be that I’m overthinking things … so thanks in advance for any comments and observations.

I’m not an expert, but i found this quote by someone who is:

Have been designing high-end audio for 30 years using LPS and SPS. When done with attention and care, both can be exceptional. When done wrong, both can be awful. About 1/2 our products use LPS, but we’re moving more to SPS mostly for reasons of heat, weight, size, and EMR. There’s nothing magic about either topology.


a. if you want.
b. as above.
c. yes. i went from the “official” RPi SMPS, to a Cuinas Audio Supercapacitor PS, and then to an Allo Shanti on my RPi-based Allo streamer. For me, the LPSs delivered a significant upgrade.
d. your decision.

BTW, a basic RPi runs at 5V. I presume your 19V supply is fed to a HAT?

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Ah - the 19v is for the Audiostore streamer (Approx £600).
For the RPi the LPS is around £250.
I need time to decide - can’t help thinking I’m doing too much tinkering.

I’d question the value of doing this on a network connected server. If you can loan a LPSU to try then give it a go to see if you find it worthwhile.

Possibly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep - nothing like sober reflection to clear the head.
Enough of the tinkering until the next lockdown …

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