Rumours Live

This new Fleetwood Mac release popped up today. I was sceptical, but at a very reasonable price for 96/24 I had to try it. I’m just half way through the first listen and it is captivating!
Really worth a try.


Thanks for share, it’s on qobuz so giving it a listen now.


Vinyl version arrived yesterday. Listening organised for this evening:-)

Sadly first LP I tried was not flat.
But Fleetwood Mac are amazing. Such a wonderful musical experience listening to this LP. Not bothered it was digitally remastered!

I have downloaded a live performance from Rumours of Fleetwood Mac the superb cover band. Technically a better recording and I prefer it.


It’s a sad day when technical considerations beat authenticity. Covers bands are the lowest form of musical life. When I was booking bands I wouldn’t touch them.


Cover bands
Geatest Hits albums
…just no!

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That’s most classical orchestras out then.


Vinyl pressing is perfect and quiet. Music is excellent. What a live band in 1977. The sound is a bit thin and bright though. Was hoping for better.


I saw them a couple of years later and they were just wonderful. I’ll definitely be buying a download of this.

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I think it is sad that there is a view that music cannot be played live by anyone other than the originators given that a lot of the artists I like are retired or dead.
My wife and I go to see the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra a few times every year. They really are surprisingly good at playing non original music.


Forgive me, I should have written tribute bands. Bands often play covers that are great in their own right, and occasionally surpass the originals.

It’s tribute bands that I think are the lowest form of musical life, bands that go on stage and be the other artists. If people like them that’s fine, it’s entertainment, but I’d rather listen to the original records.


I finally received a second copy of the 2 LP set and each LP much flatter now. I enjoyed the experience of this recording. Like Oh Daddy and Song Bird.

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I think for bands like Pink Floyd who no longer tour and for an audience that still loves the music played live there remains a valid niche. My personal fave here would be the Aussie PF but there are others…


There are a few bands and artists I would have loved to have seen live but alas didn’t. If I went to see a tribute act I still wouldn’t have seen them so don’t see the point in going.

I got dragged along by an ex partner to see an Abba tribute act and a Queen tribute act. I don’t think anyone can sing like those Abba girls and consequently the evening fell short of enjoyable. As for the Queen imitators, as I was watching them some random guy nudged me and said “You know, if you close your eyes it could actually be them!”. I replied, “Are you deaf? I’ve seen Queen and this lot aren’t even close!”

I’m firmly with @HungryHalibut on this point - if you’ve nothing of your own to offer then don’t bother! These bands who charge £20 and more while living off the hard work and creativity of someone else have got a bloody nerve IMO.

Apologies for taking the topic off thread again …


Each to their own of course. Two of the bands I most love are Joy Division and The Smiths. I saw them both in their prime, when we were all young. To see a tribute band churning out their music 40 years later is a pretty abhorrent idea. I have the records. I have the memories. That’s enough.

To hear a tribute band turning out a perfect facsimile of another bands classics just seems wrong. Real artists constantly reinterpret their music, whereas these tribute bands are stuck in time.

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I saw them live in the 90s and love the Rumours album. I saw this release on Qobuz and didn’t give it any thought, I’ll give it a listen.

I had a great time at the Dolly Parton tribute concert in Hever Castle grounds
I don’t like the the music, was a fun night though. What’s not to like?

What’s not to like?
The so-so Abba tribute and the god awful Queen tribute I wrote about for starters …