Running 2 sets of speakers

I have tried to find the answer to my question but can’t find it, so here goes as it might be a non starter.
At the moment i run my s600 speakers from my 52 through snaxo and 2 amps, now i would like to add my old sbl’s in another room running from a separate amp but using my main system, can this be done easily? And if so how as i dont want to damage anything.

The simplest arrangement is to run a long interconnect from the tape out of the NAC52 to an Integrated or Pre-Power amp in the other room. Main issue is the ability of the NAC52 to drive a long i/c - choice of i/c is important, go for low capacitance. Do you know how long it will need to be?

Well i can put the separate amp near my 52 thats not a problem and run longer speaker cables.
So i can use a tape out ok and it wont case me any earthing problems or other problems, as i was thinking i would have to come off the supercap some how like the snaxo does.
Anyway cheers for the reply

If it’s an integrated with volume control it comes off the tape output. If it’s a power amp it must come off the Supercap, but you won’t be able to control the volume separately.

If it comes off the supercap do you know which connection it is i can use?

You would use one of sockets 3, 4 or 5. You’ll already be using one of them to connect to the snaxo, so there will be two free.

Why not drive your SBLs by a 72/140 combination? Use the main system as a source?

At least that is my long term strategy.

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