Running in an Interconnect

I’m expecting delivery of a Witchhat Morgana Interconnect in a couple of weeks for my NDX2-NAP82, so thinking about running it in.

Let me start by answering a couple of questions that may get asked

  1. Bearing in mind energy costs, is this sensible?
    Answer: I’ll only be doing this through the day when my Solar Panels are active.
  2. Why not just enjoy the music, and don’t be so impatient?
    Answer: Main reason is due to the 30 day money back guarantee if there is no improvement, so wishing to speed up (plus a bit of impatience :smile: )

The obvious answer is to play music//radio through the speakers to ensure the interconnect has a continuous current flow. But then I was thinking, if you set the pre-amp to a different source, or muted it, would current still flow down the Interconnect. Also if you did play through the speakers, does the current flow through the interconnect vary depending on pre-amp volume. In my mind, if there is no draw on the current via the amp, then there presumably would be no flow of current in the interconnect. Or does the Pre-Amp act like a fixed load to the interconnect, no matter what it does on the output stage?

I hope these ramblings makes sense to someone.

Thank You

I’d run it in as it’s going to be used no point teaching it twice. :+1:t2:

You are correct. There is no need for the speakers to be ‘on’. The I/C will not know any different.

Just have the NDX2 and 82 running.

Just remember when running in avoid hard use for the first couple of weeks until everything beds down, then gradually increase the wick after this… :wink:

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Just play some music that you know well now, say a favourite LP or CD (to establish a reference point).

Leave the system playing radio at low volume for a couple of weeks.

Then, after that run-in period, play the same LP or CD as before, first using your existing interconnect.

Then play the same LP/CD again, using the new interconnect.

If the music sounds better using the new interconnect, keep it.

If not, send it back.

That would work for me.

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Thanks @IanRobertM , sound like a plan

So @Svetty perhaps I should start off with bit of Olivia Newton John, then build up to some Nirvana :wink:

Perfect. Only turn up to 11 once fully run in :grinning:

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I seriously doubt whether the interconnect ‘knows’ whether the sound is loud or quiet, or whether this can have any possible effect on its ability to pass on the signal from the source to the input in the long term.

I’m assuming it’s an analogue interconnect…

Unless the source has its own volume control, the volume setting on the preamp can’t make a fig of difference to the voltage or current in the interconnect between source and preamp.

That said, I suspect it might run in slightly better if you played tracks that have a wide dynamic range so the signal in the cable varies over a bigger range than if you played a massively brick walled recording.


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As @graham55 said:

Or, you could accept that whether on not ‘burn in’ of an interconnect actually happens, you will get used to it after a while, so no pount bothering/fretting about trying do anything.

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Hi Mark, that was my thinking of how it works - many thanks

I’m happy to accept that running in will give improvements but I’d expect new boxes/cables to perform well right away. It is in my experience anyway with any of my Naim stuff.
IMHO of course.


That’s not fair, you’re not playing :smiley::smiley:

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Really don’t know - trying to stay open minded (ish). I do think there is something in relaxing the cable first, so will do a bit of the “Burdy Shuffle”. If it sounds great straight away, then it’s all good

You can download a running in track from the Atlas cables website. Sounds awful. But apparently good for cable run in😃


If you don’t like it in a week you won’t like it in a year

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The interconnect isn’t like a tight new engine, how could hard use from new harm it?