Running in Dynaudio S40s, what should I expect

Hi, I have read a few replies on this. I have the new speakers running Radio 2 at low volume 24/7. Will that help run them in, and how long do they take to get past that new speaker wooden phase?
Some people say 80-100 hrs, others say more. Worryingly, some say that they cycle through good/bad periods before settling down. I need to take that into consideration so that I do not fret too much about making a bad choice.
The rest of the system is Bluesound Node 2, Chord Qutest, Naim 282/250.2 with twin HiCap, NAC A5.

I ran mine for about 400 to 500 hours, during that time they changed a bit and opened up more, but in the end, despite quite liking them at times along the way, I decided to move them on. Nice but not exceptional and a little over hyped online was my feeling.

Ah, that’s a bit of a reality check. Hope that I have not made a big mistake

Don’t be influenced by what you read online, including here! Trust your own ears, lots of folks here swear by them and with a 282/250 you should be hearing them at their best so give them time.

Playing the radio quietly won’t achieve as much as listening to them at normal levels, as the drivers are not being worked very hard. I’ve always found that the best thing to do is just listening to music as normal.

From your comments it sounds as if you are not happy with them. Did you try them at home first? Your system looks a bit light at the front end, which is something you should probably address.

I am happy with them but know that their sound signature will change during the next few months. I am just curious about how that will pan out. It is 30 years since I last bought new speakers!

In that case, just enjoy the music and don’t even think about the running in. It will be fine.


Are you not the guy who previously owned focus 160’s? I seem to remember telling you the special 40’s were a sideways step, having owned both myself. Disregard if that was not you.

Good memory and your comments were remembered. It took a lot of demos before I decided to change. I was tempted by Contour 20s but trying my favourite albums, the S40s were more to my taste. The F160s were very close but I fancied the change and got a good deal on a P/X.

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@Njb When I was auditioning speakers late last year, I didn’t even think about Dyns. I’d been listening to PMCs, ATCs, Neats, all of which lacked for me a certain something. I was getting bored with the whole process TBH.

Then my dealer suggested the S40s. I took a well-used demo pair (cherry red) home and it was love at first listen. After two weeks of living with them I decided to pull the trigger and buy a pair (grey). My dealer told me that they would take a while to break in properly. He was right, but I knew what they’d eventually sound like in my room because I’d had a well-run in demo pair at home for three weeks.

Eight months in, and I think they sound glorious. Absolutely love 'em. They work really well with an Olive 250 as well…

If you have doubts about how they might eventually sound in your house, why not ask your dealer to lend you a fully run-in demo pair?

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Thanks, and that is a more positive viewpoint. My dealer was definitely wanting me to walk out with Contour 20s, but he is a jazz and blues buff who was all into production, mastering etc. He valued the separation and studio monitor qualities of the C20. However, give them some 80s electronica and suddenly the S40 was right up with them. In the end, I felt that the S40 was more the presentation that I valued even if they were not as precise in all areas as the C20. I am happy with my choice, and I need to just put in the hours and let them open up.


I have a pair of S40 (grey) Augmented with a REL T/7i Sub. As others have mentioned they do take a while to break in playing music softly isn’t really going to get it done. You need to play at normal volumes and play different types of music , Rock, Metal, Jazz, Vocal, Classical. a few hundred hours…

I’m using a Super Nait 2, I also have a Qutest…I also HAD a BlueSound Node 2i used strictly as a streamer. I didn’t think it was very good, it’s ok but really not up to snuff. I recently replaced it with an Auralic G1… big big improvement, I’m also a cable slut so I’m using Audience Front Row for USB to Qutest, Audience AU24SX to the SN2. I’m using Shunyata and AudioQuest Power cables and Mains Filter. Also consider the super important room placement… toe in, distance from back wall, distance between them , distance to you, height ( if on stands) Also and I’m going to get flamed here but consider speaker cables… I’m not much on the Naim stuff… I plan to replace my current speaker cables with Audience AU24SX…

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My S40s are now ten months old and the sound has got better and better.
I use NACA5 cable and a Nova.

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I pulled the trigger on a 6 meter (20ft) pair of the Audience AU24SX should have them the end of the Month. Due to my setup I have to run the right channel 20ft (around a fireplace) the left channel is 6ft Someday when I move I’ll have them re-terminated but for now it is what it is. I’ll post my impressions when I get them and run them in a bit, if anyone cares… LOL

So, I have put a good few hours on the S40s in the last 6 weeks or so. The good news is that they are keepers! Compared to the previous Focus 160s, they certainly have more than a passing resemblance. However, the bass is deeper and tighter, and improving as I put more hours on them. As expected, the treble is glorious, as it was with all of the Dynaudio speakers that I have owned. Gloriously musical, and a hoot when you turn them up. These are the first new speakers since I upgraded to a 250, and it is fair to say that the extra grunt does make a difference in terms of the control, especially with the bass.


If you have them close to a back wall or similar try the foam port plugs. They are two pieces, I use Just the outer part, increases midrange and in my setup lessens boom. If I could set them up on stands a meter or so off the back wall I’d for sure leave the ports open.

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