Running Linn Lingo 2 on its side?

OK, you can tell I’m resetting up my system - doing it right this time.

I would like to get my Lingo 2 away from the 32.5, nDAC, and bluestream. In my current setup, I could do this if I placed it on its side.

What do folks think about this idea? Seems like the heat output out of the Lingo is minimal/low and so would be an issue with heat dissipation?

It won’t be sat on its feet though so could increase microphony. I assume you intend it to be hidden anyway?

Might be ok on a carpeted floor (you’d have to try) but otherwise I agree with Guinnless that it should ideally be on its feet (when on a hard surface). I’m only thinking about optimal musical performance - It’s gonna spin the platter fine in any position.

Mine hardly gets warm too, even in this hot weather. Just keep an eye on it if you move it somewhere with limited ventilation.

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What if I just make blue tac feet for it vertically?

I do see that little donut PS inside on photos - so maybe not vertical?

I have severe space restrictions, and I’ve done this with a couple of boxes (Audience aR6 PDC, Bluesound NODE). I wouldn’t hesitate to do it with a Lingo if I was in your position.

In both cases I’ve put feet between the box and the shelf. If you search Amazon for self adhesive rubber dots you’ll get lots of ideas.

My guess is that it’ll be fine on its side, but surely Linn would be able to tell you.

For what it’s worth my dealer once sold someone a Superuniti and installed it on its side behind the sofa because they had nowhere else to put it.

I had a 555PS on its side for a while, dealer spoke to Naim and they said it would be fine. I put it on some metal feet. Very carefully. No scratches and sounded fine. I guess Linn would advise on your Lingo.

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