Running MB100s from a SNAXO 362

I am experimenting with trying Teddy MB100s instead of 135s from my Snaxo 362 but the input for the MB100s is RCA not XLR.
Having looked into this and inside my 362 I see the row A and B connectors are identical. There is a loop from row A to Row B so all inputs carry CH1, CH2 and -ve. Does this mean that all sockets are stereo and it is only the XLR cables that separate off the left and right to the 135s. Also a 250 could be connected to either row A or row B and still work the same with its stereo XLR cable.

So to me this means for the MB100s I can use a stereo 4 pin Din to RCA cable and just take one connector to each of the MB100s, making sure I get left and right the right way round.

Am I missing something here and is there any reason why the dual mono cable approach used for 135s is sonically better ?

All the outputs are stereo, it even says so on the back. I’d imagine that six mono leads are easier to wire, but there may be more to it than that, such as something to do with the signal earth.

To make things a bit more confusing… I just opened up the connectors on various Din cables in my current set up. There are 3 wires in the mono 135 cables… ch1, ch2 and -ve. I expected to only see 2. So I opened up the Din cable to my 250 and its exactly the same, so both cables are stereo. So it seems all the Din to XLR cables must be the same and interchangeable and its only once you get inside a 135 things are different to a 250. Can anyone confirm that ? Or is there some sort of earthing going on that means my plan to use one stereo RCA cable to run 2 monoblocks will not work ?

Or am I getting confused here because of balanced and unbalanced ?

The white banded NAP250 DIN-XLR is stereo. The NAP135 DIN-XLRs are handed (Green band for CH1 LEFT, Red band for CH2 RIGHT). You can of course use the NAP250 DIN-XLRs on the NAP135s, which may be what you have.

If you look at the back of the 135s you’ll see that one of the channel pins is not connected. That’s how it works.

Yes Richard I only seem to have the white type connector.
Forget my balanced suggestion, thats not the case.

But I still have my RCA connector issue. If I have a DIN to RCA cable with ch1 and -ve to the black RCA connector and ch2 and -ve to the red RCA connector, feeding those into a pair of mono amps, will that work ?

Sounds about right to me.

Ok thanks, I will get a cable and give it a try.

Richard, are those red and green mono cables for 135s used because they give better SQ, or just because it fits in with the Snaxo connections ?

I think it was mostly to prevent mistakes such as accidentally running with two left or two right channels.

I’d only make one comment, and apologies if it is an obvious one.

I’d connect the bass drivers first and make sure those work- I don’t think you’re likely to ‘fry’ your speakers if you connected the ‘tweeter’ connection to the bass driver, I think there’s a chance of doing it if you connected the bass connection to the tweeter.

I’d follow with the mids and finally the tweeters.


Thanks Stephen, I will take care and report back.

All is working fine with the 2 channel DIN-RCA cables. I just have to spend some time comparing them to the 250 now.

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