Running Network Devices on a Separate Network Switch

I have networked my house with Cat 6e cable and currently using a Netgear Pro switch.

I would like to daisy chain the Network switch by adding a Cisco switch and only have audio devices such a NAS and Naim Unitiserve,c streamer etc… connected to it . I am trying to avoid going with Network switch that has a built in fan .

Will this work and has anyone done something similar?

It will work, the switches won’t care.
Most of the smaller Cisco Catalyst switches have no fan, especially the 8 port versions of 2960 or 3560.

Cheers Simon ,

So keeping the Netgear Pro switch and adding the Cisco Catalyst switch with only my audio devices connected would be be a good solution?



Yes that is exactly what I do in my cottage (with HP switches, but yours are fine choices). It works a treat - there is no obvious improvement in sound quality, but it is much more convenient from a wiring perspective.

Interesting to learn if you perceive an improvement.

Make sure there are no legacy configurations on the Cisco managed switch as these may stop something working as it should. A factory reset should fix this, but you may need a console cable to do it (long time since I sat at a Cisco console).

It will work, but I would personally only use two switches if for layout reasons, otherwise use the Cisco. I think some of the larger ones are fanless now but do check carefully

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