Russ Andrews Yello Power Cables


Getting a Naim MuSo2, would the unit benefit from a better than supplied power cable? I’ve been looking at the Russ Andrews cables and power blocks as a better way to get more out on the Naim.

Any thoughts?



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I would just enjoy your Muso and decide after a few months. In my second reincarnation with Naim i started with a Muso and have ended with a full 500 system. You seem to be wanting an upgrade without the home experience, perhaps you want something else?
I had a great time upgrading…but it is expensive, all the best have fun.


I think that’s a little harsh for someone who is just looking to get the best out of his recent purchase

By all means upgrade the power cable…every little helps

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I needed a longer cable for my Atom. Found a used 3m cable on the bay. MCRU belden 19364 cable. I can’t say whether it’s an improvement as such, as the supplied cable was not long enough. But it’s well made (and was reasonably priced). Maybe worth a look at the equivalent new model…?

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If my memory serves me correct @anon4489532 modified a powerline lite to put a figure of eight power socket on for a Muso…a bit of fun, but not much of an improvement.Nigel, please correct me if i got that wrong?

I’m not sure RA have a YellO cable with the “figure 8” 2-pin plug needed for the Muso.
They have a PowerKord-8 but its £114, so I advise to use RA’s 60 day money back return if you’re not happy.


I have a couple of RA Yellows and one Blue that I got as a freebie.

I have not found that they make any difference to SQ - in our Linn, Meridian and Naim “olive” systems.

Of course, as ever, YMMV.

:small_blue_diamond:And that abbreviation means.??


YMMV : “your mileage may vary”
You may have a different experience


They do an 2 pin which comes with the wattgate evo fig od 8 connector which i use to power my x box. Its difficult to distinguish with pic quality but i thought edges and less noise were the benefits.

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That’s right, Gary. I chopped a Powerline Lite down to about 40cm and put a Furutech plug on the end. It’s actually quite hard to find fig 8 plugs that you can fit yourself - most are moulded on - hence buying a posh one. I can’t say it makes the slightest difference but as you say, it was a bit of fun.


I had a RA yellow power cord that I was given as a freebie many years ago (late '90s?) and it had a figure of eight connector on the end.

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Letting the Mu-so settle in for a couple of months makes perfect sense before trying alternative cables. With a 60 returns policy, if that is actually the deal, when the time comes you can take your time with the comparison too.


Ahh but those old Yellows were not like that have today, I still have one, it has a yellow coloured sleeve. Its 3m & I’ve fitted a double outlet 13A socket, it gets used mostly at christmas for the tree lights, they twinkle so much more … bright yellow.


:small_blue_diamond:@NickyB,…I definitely agree with Yeti above.

The Furutech distributor in Sweden has five different contacts in Figure-8 design.
Here below you see two of them…

• Furutech FI-8N NCF ®.

• Furutech FI-8.1N (G).

We have tested the difference between different models,.NCF, Gold, Rodium etc,etc.
And everyone sounds different,.so think about it when you choosing which cable to use,in combination with the cable you choose,.and which will then create synergy with your MuSo2.

This is the difficult thing,when you yourself try to optimize your own powercable.
For everything has a meaning,.even how hard you pull the cable into the plug,just to name one parameter.

:small_orange_diamond:Important: Also keep in mind,.that different powercables have an optimal length where they sound best.
So ask about this when you buy your cable,.or take the hard,but best way…test for the optimal length yourself.


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Peder, I admire your enthusiasm, but do you know what a Russ Andrews ‘YellO’ cable is, it cost less than a Furutech fig-8. I’m only asking, not starting a debate

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ebay, good ideal plus its ‘burnt in’.

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good ideal, thanks

looks a good idea

thanks for the info