Russell k 100 owners if any? question

I’m still on a quest for some speakers and i’m currently enjoying (sort of) a home demo of some Russell k 100’s and was wondering if there are any owners here running them on naim gear.

If any of you are running them do any of you suffer from any port turbulence? as I’m experiencing a fair bit with the music i listen too. and it isn’t what i call particularly loud either with the dac v1’s dial going no higher than 50.

I was hopping it might be fault with this particular demo pair, I can’t find any reference to any problems on line so thought i might ask here on the off chance. If this is an inherent aspect of the speaker then these speakers will be a no go for me, which is a shame as i really enjoy the sound of them other than that.

I have used a pair of Red 50 speakers with various Naim amps (100, SN2, 500), occasionally at rather high volume. No port problems. However, the 50 has a rear port, unlike the 100.

Hi twinkle-toes, i am using the Russell K100 with a Nap 250 and that is a good match . Having lived with them for 18 months the only problem i have is a slight brightness in the treble which can be overcome with the right speaker cables and interconnect choice , also they do favour simple type music and not heavy rock or reggae type music, but they are a very nice speaker and worth the trouble to get sounding at there best.Positioning from the back wall can make a big difference so try shifting them about a bit , mine are about 300mm from the back wall. Is the turbulence affecting the sound? , do you mean the speaker cones are flapping about , if so Russell K do a speaker foam cover for the fronts if its just the sight of them moving thats not to your liking , but they are quite expensive, hope some of this info helps.

Thank for taking the time to get back to me. Oh I enjoy the sound and don’t really think they enjoy only simple music ive had good time listening to many types of music rock jazz r’n’b alternative metal classical the lot . When I say port turbulence (it the polite way of saying port fart). And yes it does effect the sound not in a machincal way but in that it’s adding it own sounds to the bass not to dissimilar to a piece paper rattling about. The cones are rock solid and are able to go loud with easy and with no strain . But put somthing on like dj shadows the three Ralph’s (music tastes are vast and dont just listen one type of music) and you’ll see what I mean. I Noticed it at the dealers I can deal with a little but I hear it on quite a few tracks. There no mention of it any reviews so woundered if it’s inherent in the design. For a speaker in this price range it really should be clean throughout its a shame I love everything else about them

Thank you for the insights

I’ve been using red 100 for about two and a half years …now with NDS / 252 /250dr etc
Don’t really know what you mean by port rustling… But sounds like a fault ?
Russell replaced one of my driver’s about a year ago because of an issue …but not like your issue
The only problem I have now is with brightness / sibilance …and I’m using naim cables so would be interested in any cable changes that reduces that …if anyone has any ideas ?? Though I think / am hoping it’s a mains issue …

With the risk of sounding rude its otherwise know as “port farting” or “chuffing” no fault I’ve been in touch with Russell himself and he has confirmed that the speaker can be pushed into producing port noise with certain sustained frequencies with the way internal of cabinets have been designed and suggested moving up to the 120 due to different internal design. I’m guessing you don’t listen to music i listen too, as i say most of time its not an issue but some deep jazz, r’n’b and electro tracks will produce the problem especially if its sustained or repeating. Anyhow if you dont have problem then live safe in the knowledge that you have a good pair thats more resilient to the extremes

In regards to your brightness issue its not really an issue as that what i experience they are a very detailed/ transparent and airy speaker which can come across as forward. Its also no secret Russell doesn’t like naim naca5 cable and much prefers the lumia (is that how you spell it?). BUT! No amount of cable changing is going to change that, i tamed the brightness by adding in some diffusers ie plants and some well placed (for now) cushions and also adjusting the toe angle (had the biggest effect). And moved them slightly closer to the wall ive found they like to sit around 30cm away from the rear wall infact they’re pretty much perfect at that distance

You beat me too what to do,i was going to say speak to the man himself Russell,nice guy , regarding speaker cable i use witch hat phantom but compared to the Naim cable this is more revealing and possible brighter.I have tried the Super Lumina speaker cable and prefered the witch hat ,but the Super Lumina interconnect between Naim cd player was a big step up in sound and is a must listen , as regarding the Russell K 120s you need a home demo as i found them a bit more laid back than the Russell K 100s so not a bigger version but a different sound as the tweeter is a slight downgrade ,its the one used in the Russell K 50s. If you do try the 120s it will be interesting to know how you get on with them .

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