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Here in Seattle Wa. We have marijuana stores doing a brisk business during the quarantine. How many of you have access to legal pot and what country are you located in?

It’s illegal here but easy to access (apparently), the ACT is the only state/territory in Aus that’s its legal.

Round my way the word is you hang around nr the Tesco Metro and look for a youth on a bike.

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In the UK Marijuana is classified as a Class B drug and is controlled under the United kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act.

As this is a UK forum and the fact that possession of Marijuana in the UK is currently an offence (aside from of cannabis that has been prescribed by a registered doctor), I will watch this thread closely and apply moderation or even removal if I deem it appropriate.

p.s. While checking facts online, I looked at the Wikipedia entry on Cannabis in the UK, and found the following somewhat ironic in light of the above; “Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in the UK, with limited availability for medical use, the United Kingdom is the world’s largest exporter of legal cannabis”.

I should hold my hand up to having grown it myself when I lived in Prague; at the time this was a legal practice. However, it never did anything for me, and I was never going to spend my hard earned Euros on the stuff. But, a word of caution, I have noticed erratic behaviour in colleagues who indulged in regular smoking.

Whatever happened to the farmed hemp trials that made the news a few years ago? Of course, it has low potency (<1% THC), but it has been a traditional crop here.

UK hemp farm could lose £200,000 in crop destruction https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49082533


Never used it, nor had any desire to, but a few decades ago every music venue I went to reeked of it. Been offered it many a time decades ago, but I’ve no idea where one would obtain it today, tgough I understand it is very commonly available through illicit drug dealers.

As has been pointed out it is illegal in the UK, both posession and use, other than for very limited specific licenced medical purposes, though apparently some police forces have a light touch when it comes to demonstrably purely for personal use.

I have supported and contributed to local professional suggestions that it should be decriminalised, because I think it is probably less damaging to people and society than alcohol, and if it is banned then alcohol certainly should be - and from a purely personal perspective I’d rather alcohol not be banned, though from societal and health perspectives it should. My anticipation is that in time cannabis will end up being legalised in Britain - but I wouldn’t put money on when.

I have clearly live a very sheltered existence, it took my kids (in their mid to late 20’s) to explain to me the ‘funny smell’ I may have noticed around our estate!

In New Zealand we we have a referendum to hopefully legalise the recreational use of cannabis on September 19th. If legalised I fear the price will increase as the government will want to take a goodly chunk of tax.

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The counter argument is that it may be cheaper because it is not a criminal driven black market thriving on people’s deperation.

I very much doubt it would be cheaper and the market for cannabis in NZ is not solely run by gangs etc it’s really just your average people who otherwise break no laws. Cannabis users are not usually any more desperate than the general population, they are mostly rather relaxed and well adjusted folk.


I have family in Portland Oregon which has a few shops. I visited out of interest and was amazed at the variety available.
That you could choose something with a flavour and strength profile and recommendations of what it could compliment as an aperitif was inspired.

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I like to think it’s only a matter of time before recreational use is legalised in the U.K. joining Portugal, Uruguay, Canada and many U.S. states, and places like Spain and the Netherlands where recreational use is effectively decriminalised. Red Top hysteria and uninformed opinion are poor sources of government policy.
Of course it is not a benign drug and comes with associated risk (to some individuals more than others) yet so do a huge variety of other recreational pursuits such as rock climbing, wild mushroom foraging, scuba diving, rugby, horse riding etc. A significant minority of U.K. citizens regularly (illegally) use cannabis with a low ratio of ill effects in comparison to many other substances (legal or otherwise).
A legal, regulated supply carries less risk, allows otherwise law abiding citizens to make a decision free from risking a criminal record, and would raise significant tax revenue that is currently lost to criminal enterprise.
It’s telling that politicians (including many who have used cannabis) took their advice from tabloid newspapers rather than the government’s own drug advisory council and sacked one of its chief spokespersons for essentially making the above points.


Indeed, my wife is a relatively high up bod in one of them! Feels a bit odd as apart from booze, neither of us have ever tried any non prescription drugs in our lives. However, there is now a huge demand for cbd and the range of products offered globally is quite staggering.

My neighbours and/or their kids get through stacks of weed though and the smell is often somewhat nauseating. Never felt the desire to try it myself. Or smoke.

I was more thinking in terms of the purveyors of illegal drugs generally and assuming it is the same people that supply the illicit cannabis market, but I accept that I may be wrong.

I was smoking cannabis when 20, at the beginning of my studies. I liked it a lot at the beginning, and discovered music with it, as great movies…and fun with friends.
But I stopped the day when there were more coins than pros. After a certain period, you begin lazy, lack motivation, have less energy, and even memory suffers a bit.
Hopefully I stopped quickly, if not, my studies could be very compromised.


This thread should really be merged with the “When it all sounds a bit rubbish thread!”

In all seriousness though, I’ve been a medical user (per my usual GP’s prescription) here in Seattle for years for my chronic pain. It works, though like any drug, is a double edged sword. For the most part, cannabis is pretty benign, except use by people with certain mental illness conditions. It can become habitual, tolerance is a problem (mine is that of an elephant but I’ve experienced others losing it over a couple of puffs), and physical withdrawal symptoms can be an issue for many, myself included. Poor diet from the munchies is probably the biggest drawback! I haven’t had a drink in almost three years and feel much better from it.

The world is far behind on legalization, and with everybody chilling at home (anxiously) because of coronavirus, it’s a large tax opportunity lost to pay for essential services needed.


We actually have soda pop at the same stores that contains THC. Not everybody wants to inhale smoke. They also have gummy bears and chocolate and you can buy what’s called Shake the part that falls off the bud and make brownies or other edibles. I love the soda because it tastes great I like the root beer and you drink a couple ounces and you’re ready to kick back. It certainly makes for a nice evening of sleep.

I agree with @TOBYJUG who mentioned in a deleted now previous post that cannabis is much stronger than 20 or 30 years ago.
Some studies compared high level in THC with LSD effects.
More and more young people have also psychological accidents with cannabis today, “ décompensation “. ( psychotic hallucinations). They finish their trip in psychiatric services.
If legalized one day in France, I hope at least that the cannabis will be soft in THC dosage.


Here in the US we’ve been going to concerts going all the way back to the 60s with the Grateful Dead. The band Phish also has a large following of hi boys. The THC content from the old Mexican dirt weed to the hybrid strains of today are a lot stronger. Nobody rolls and smokes a joint anymore they just take a pinch of weed put it in a pipe light it and inhale. I was a member of normal when I lived in San Francisco and can tell you that I’d rather see marijuana totally legalized and alcohol prohibited. Most people getting high sit on the couch listen to music or watch TV and order a pizza. They don’t come home drunk or drive their car or start fights. If you don’t believe me watching Cheech and Chong movie or better yet watch Dave Chappelle


You’re dead right @frenchrooster, years ago you’d roll a joint everyone would laugh and generally just have a good time. The stuff that’s around now just almost puts you in a coma, it’s just way too heavy and imo dangerous. It’s now simple not just weed.