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I have an opportunity, at a “bargain” price to purchase a 2017 NDS model plus an XPS DR provider from that year.
I am currently using ND5XS2 + NDAC + XPS
Is the price increase the same as a significant improvement in the final quality?
Also, can downgrade a device with “old” technology cause a decrease in the quality of music file streaming?
My sources of listening-
My CD library in CORE, internet radio stations and streaming from TIDAL.

You would give up the new streaming platform, meaning no built-in Qobuz/Roon and less stability with poor internet connections.

nDAC vs NDS will come down to preferences. You will find prior discussion here:

I think it’s far to say that in Naim land the DAC in the NDS is only bettered by the ND555 (CD555 aside).

Having said this it does seem a bit of a bit of a sidestep move to me, losing the new platform for the sake of a better DAC. The NDS is wonderful though.

I think if I were in your shoes I might hold out for a 555PS for your existing NDAC.


I can only imagine, what will be the answers I will get to my question regarding ND555, when his replacement arrives…

another thoughts ?

I would say that there’s no guarantee you will prefer the sound presentation of the NDS over the NDAC, so you will need to listen and see if you really do prefer it.
If you’re losing the ND5XS2 you will lose access to lossless FLAC iRadio which is a lot better than the lossy AAC and MP3 streams to my ears. I also think the new platform deals with Tidal better, as well as giving you access to 24 bit Qobuz if it’s available in your area. You could, at a price, get these benefits from Roon into the NDS using one of several workarounds if you have the patience.

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Can’t see the point in all honesty and probably a down grade if you are using qobuz.
The streaming board will be a big disappointment in the NDS, compared to what you are now using.
Always a reason, when something is cheap

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I had an NDS and it was excellent. No connectivity problems here. Would personally take ahead of nd5xs2. I used qobuz via the mconnect app and don’t quite understand the obsession with the latest platform (though I do now have nd555 and an atom)


Give it 5 or 6 years and you’ll probably be able to pick up a s/h ND555 at something near current NDS prices - as technology and the ‘market’ marches onwards.

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A 2nd hand NDS might sell at the moment for between £2.5k to £3k.

I do agree that streaming technology progresses quickly however I doubt that an ND555 will sell for this price in five to six years from now. The RRP for the NDS was around £8k whereas the ND555 sells for over 50% more.

In my opinion £5k to £6k might be more likely looking at how much fifteen year old CD555s currently sell for.

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Well you can get a nd555 for around £8k now, seen quite a few for that price for sale over the last year and one for £7.5k, so give it a few more years and its more than likely, especially when a new model comes out


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