Sabine Schmitz

Gutted. RIP.


Very sad a stunning personality and driver.

Very sad indeed. So talented on the track and only 51.


Cancer is a cruel disease, it cuts shorts many lives.
I wasn’t a regular viewer of the show, but I thought she was excellent when I did see her, very knowledgeable and very talented driver.

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Life is so short…i found this out personally recently, any symptoms…see a doctor.
She was a wonderful driver, and fun person when I met her, a wonderful person.

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R.I.P. Sabine. Thank you for the memories. :rose:

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Very sad day for the motorsports community - Sabine Schmitz and Manfred Kremer. RIP

Will be missed… TG will be doing a special episode dedicated to her this week i think.

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RIP Queen of the Ring. Such a massive personality and loved her energy on TV. A sad loss :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Elfer,
One of the Kremer brothers has died as well? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Felt really sad about Sabine’s early demise this morning on the news. She was a great Nurburgring ambassador and fought hard with her Mum to save the Ring for the public to use, when it was about to go bust. I have still got an unused ‘Save the Ring’-sticker from that time.
Eberhard Baunach who took over Kremer after the brothers actually gave it to me, when the group of us visited Kremer Racing after The N24.
She was a great racer and became a real Ring-ace and raised its immense popularity with her dedication and jolly charm. Very sad… :cry:
ATB Peter


Hi Peter,

Yes. Erwin passed away some years ago, Manfred yesterday.

Sabine became synonymous with ring over the years, an incredibly talented racer and lovely personality…

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Just saw this on our Alexa. Bit of a shock.

She was some driver from what I have seen, and a vivacious character to boot.

Petition to name a corner of the ring after Sabine.

Not commercial so I hope it’s OK @Richard.Dane ?



There is a rather nice, 30 minute Top Gear tribute to Sabine on BBC iPlayer and on BBC1 at 7.30 on Wednesday 7 April.


Yes - it was very good

Yep, it was a nice tribute and I didn’t think I’d see Clarkson, May and Hammond on TG again!

Disappointed that the presenters didn’t mention Sabine on the show. No excuse, they should have.

Hope everything is OK with you @Gazza.

BTW, I just loved how Sabine always used to thrash the Top Gear team on the track, and any others come to that. Great driver and personality, a sad loss.


Yes, she had a spirit about her and livened up the program when i thought it needed it.

We are OK, missed a few staycations already this year, small price to pay imo. Hope you are doing OK, we have had our first vaccinations…hopefully concluded in May.
The music has been a blessing this past year, hope to see you soon


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