Sad day

Its a sad day and this is the last picture of the 272/555DR/300

Boxed and ready for their new home


What’s going on @HiFiman?

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I hope it is not the end of the road and you will be replacing them with something else. Always a sad day to see kit go that you have spent time with.


I hope their new home is your new home ? :crossed_fingers:

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Sad because you are living a home you were attached to? But have to move elsewhere due to other circumstances?

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You’re keeping the SL2’s? :thinking:

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The kit is going nowhere except to my new home as I’m moving tomorrow :grinning: but will remain boxed until the music room is decorated, thankfully I have a Nait2, UQ2 and Allaes to see me through as these will be easy to move around.


Oh, you tease :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just fooling around the 300s, SL2s etc took an age to aquire and is my ultimate setup :grin:

Anyway the move went well tomorrow the Nait2 and Allaes will be playing in the new room, cannot wait.

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Music restored :two_hearts:

UQ connected via Wi-Fi feeding the Nait2, TV balancing on the fireplace but all to be changed in time but for now a happy chappy.

Sounds great :+1:

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Couple of pics


Nice looking new pad @HiFiman, it’s always good to get the system back up and running after a move!

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Very nice, good luck in your new home :+1:

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Thanks guys, once the room is decorated the SL2s will be returning.

The room is fairly big but the Allaes and Nait sound spacious and fill the room nicely.

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New home, new possibilities and adventures :notes:

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