Safely Eject Hard Drive

Hi all,

Just a quick fire question. If we have an external connected via USB to either Naim steamer (ND5550) and or Uniticore is it ok just to unplug USB or is there a “safe eject” option that I have missed or a simple power off?

Just pull it out, it’ll be fine.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you. I have some music on there that I didn’t want to corrupt etc due to doing something hasty!

Just remember that if you re-insert the drive the streamer will have to rescan it, which might take a little while depending on how much music is on it.

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This shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you do it when not playing, but just to check, presumably this isn’t your only source of your music data, such that if it did get corrupt, you couldn’t replace it easily?

Yes indeed. I work on the theory…Measure twice cut once!!!

It will probably be fine, but it doesn’t take long to power a device down to be on the safe side.

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