Sales Experience. Do they know what they´re saying?

I could make an excerpt or print screen of the conversation I had with one of the official distributors, but I won’t.(Surreal).

I get the impression that, at times, I know more (despite being a modest brand enthusiast) than those who sell the material…

I questioned the time needed (and cost) to install the FM/dab module for Naim Nova and the answer I got was: there is no such option.

I limited myself to sending a print screen of the user manual with the image of the corresponding output, asking to be informed correctly before replying to the Client.

“let’s inquire” with the brand…

Does anyone here had some kind of similar experience?..

*(mail resulting from the decision process to purchase the future “toy”, I saw an interesting promotion for Nova. New dealer, as my old dealer , where i bought my UQ2 closed doors)

IIRC, the Nova could only have the DAB option fitted when originally built, not as a later addition (unlike some of the earlier network players) so perhaps the distributor is correct here.

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So the optional is only by request on a new order/ not on a stock piece?
that doesnt help in terms of flexibility.
May i ask Madame @Naim.Marketing to clarify this, please?

(however, the full answer i received was: Naim doesnt have this option of module FM/DAB, wich is still an error)

Yes, it’s factory fit only (potentially with exceptions if the disitributor has the particular skillset required, ie a full Naim service centre.)


From May 2019 announcement

“From today, existing Uniti Star and Nova owners can have their players fitted with the module through a retailer for a sum of £150/$199, while future Uniti buyers can choose it as an optional extra with their purchase for the same price.”

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Ok, i stand corrected. Still the first answer i got was like… “seemed to want to dispatch”.
Probably towards a separate commitment. SN3+Ndx2…

(However, the price proposed in the Nova promotion was attractive)

Thanks @bruss

Tom Tom audio supplied my Nova in early may. At the time of initial order I had included the FM / DAB module in the order. Tom Tom fitted the module to the Nova, the day before I picked it up.

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consistent with @Naim.Marketing statement.
however, if there is information on the existence of a module (see excerpt from @bruss ), it appears that there is a possibility of adding it, on request, later. I await the dealer’s email. (regardless of what is said here, if they do not provide the equipment they have, it will be of no use to me)

I was initially unsure as wether I needed the module but as I live in an area of limited broadband I decided to go for it. Tom Tom did say that they were happy to retrofit the module at a later date. The price (£150 may 2021) was the same regardless of when it was fitted.

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Yes. its mandatory to me:
I would like to use eventually the Nova, just like I use my UQ2: as an island, autonomous, isolated, without broadband.

if i choose the separates, SN3+NDX2 i will include a preloved Nat05 (xs)

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The Naim website (not famous as a source of up to date, accurate info, but still) says, “Optional DAB/FM module available (release date to be confirmed)” for the Star and Nova.
Perhaps a bit of further clarification there would have helped.


This has been discussed before here. What was said before by Naim was that it is a trivial install that any proper Naim dealer can easily do.

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I thought so. That’s why I was incredulous on the info from my new dealer.

My Nova was fitted with the module by my uk dealer; as has already been suggested, a simple operation.

Are you outside the uk; you mention distributor? I don’t expect many Nova units have been fitted with the module, retro or otherwise, so experience may vary. Just a thought, is the module available and compatible with FM/DAB broadcasts in all countries?

You mention both UQ2 and Nova, for FM. Each unit handles FM differently, you may already know. The UQ2 treats it as an analogue input, the Nova converts to digital - again this has previously been discussed. My two units are in adjoining rooms and there is a short time lag, when both have FM selected.
If the position of your units will be such that you only listen to one at a time, the difference is immaterial. Otherwise set Nova to multiroom to the UQ2 - the reverse is not available.


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FYI, there are two different modules: a Korea/US module, and a Rest of the World module.

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Hi Clare, I did wonder, thanks. I imagine there are not so many module users at least in Europe - I seem to be the only Nova beta tester with one. The OP doesn’t appear to suggest a location.


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In general terms, I’ll wait the mail promised by the oficial distributor.

If they can include the module, i will pull the trigger.( after all is half the cost of:)

If they dont, ill go SN3+ndx2


I spoke to one of the bigger UK hifi chains stocking Naim’ today and they were struggling to explain how I might add a subwoofer to my set up. They basically said ‘v difficult to do with Naim’. I asked if I could connect via Hicap on my 282, and the answer was ‘probably not’. From what I understand from this forum, that is actually the recommended approach.

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The frustration I have as a consumer is the arrogance of (some) sellers, when they abandon the effort to provide a better service:
If I don’t know what I’m talking about, I should be quiet. or then assume ignorance and go look for the correct information…