Same stacking order if it’s not 500 series?

I’m really sorry to reopen a stacking order thread, but I’ve seen so many helpful suggestions posted on this forum that I would be mad not to ask the question.

So with my purchases on the way my set up will look like this.

Two stacks of full Fraim. Each four levels high.
Boxes are:
NAC 282, NAPSC with PowerLine & Superlumina IC to NDX2,
XPS DR with PowerLine,
SuperCap DR with PowerLine,
NAP 250 with PowerLine & Superlumina IC,
UnitiCore with PowerLine,
Superlumina Cable to Ovator S600’s

My thoughts were:

Fraim left hand side from top to bottom:

Fraim right hand side from top to bottom:
SuperCap DR
NAP 250

Is this correct? Your collective thoughts are very much appreciated.

PS:Before anyone mentions a 252, 555PS or 300 it’s in the game plan, but not yet :blush:

When I had the 282 I put the NAPSC under the chair next to my ‘Brian’ stack, the lead is super long and if nothing else it got that away from everything else! It sounded slightly better to my ears there, certainly no worse. Means you could put the 250 at the bottom with a space before the power supplies.

As the Core is powered I’d be inclined to put it at the bottom of the right hand rack, or even in a different room out of the way.

I used to run my Core at the bottom of the brawn stack before I moved it to the spare room but only because the space was there, it sat next to a Rega DAC at the time while I waited for the NDS replacement. I never tried other positions as it was only a temporary arrangement (and handy for ripping).
I run my 552 as high as I can get it but still below a turntable.
I set up my old system in our second home and tried the 282 both above and below the CDX2, prefering the CDX2 above. Suggest you try both ways too and maybe the extra gap between Core and NDX2/282. Try the supercap as low as will let the Burndy hang free.

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