Samsung The Frame - HDMI ARC

Hi all,
Can anyone in here confirm if Uniti Atom HDMI auto switching and auto power on/off will work with a Samsung The Frame tv using a oneconnect box?
To clarify, I am want the Uniti to power on and off if the TV is turned on/off.

Currently I have a LG TV, and “auto on” on the Atom works at best 1 out of 10, which is very annoying and drives my kids and wife mad. Funny enough the Atom never fails to power off if I turn off the TV.

However I’m still considering a new TV since LG (at least not mine, and possibly all LG TVs) does not support power off over CEC. We are only using the tv with Apple TV and MiBox so I want my TV as well to power off if I turn off the Apple TV, and I know Samsung handles that flawlessly.

But back to my main question, will the The Frame and oneconnect power off the Atom over HDMI?

My LG tv worked flawlessly with the atom before the last update but now I have issues. So technically it should work. I think it sounds like it is hit and miss at the moment. Most work fine, some don’t.
Also drives my wife and kids crazy. Just the inconsistency. I promised that the atom purchase would make things more simple!:man_facepalming:

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I’m also starting to suspect that the last update made it even worse. Before the Atom at least powered on about 1 in 10. But know I can not get it work. Tried power cycling multiple times, and even a new high end HDMI cable.

  • Edit to my first post. In the last sentence I of course mean that I want the Atom to both power ON and off with the TV.

Well mine still powers on and off every time. It just doesn’t allow me to change volume on the TV remote. I think I am just going to get a long optical cable and forget about using the HDMI. I can’t stand the thought of getting functionality back and then loosing it again. I think they should have just left the HDMI out and stuck to what they know best.

Wrong thread. Edit.

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