Santa's Poorly - Alternative TV Advert


WOW! That makes things a bit real…


Excellent. Put something in the food bank collection next time you’re in the supermarket. And the time after that. And so on.

It’s a good job the dad isn’t on the forum - no doubt several people would have suggested what he needs is a NAP300.



Very good. but, with all things Arty. One should consider the intended Original article - against an unintended and for an intended article.

No no no, this isn’t Christmas you’re meant to spend big (often more than you can afford) and forget about these things. Christmas has become about greed profit waste and it encourages you to think less of those that are struggling. How will those multinationals ever increase the margins this this kind message.

Networks should be running this in prime time, great work from a bunch of 20 year olds.


At the start of November, I start buying Christmas puddings , and around the fifteenth of the month I take them to the Salvation Army .

Even though I am quite happily living on my own,by doing this I think :thinking: I am at least in spirit there at other peoples Christmas table .


Lovely comment Ian


Choked up.
Puts things in perspective. :cry:

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My word, I could not watch it all the way through (various reasons), but what I saw was very sad and thought provoking.

As I approach retirement in the next few years or sooner, I never thought at this stage of my life I’d actually be feeling concerned about issues such as energy costs or the cost of living generally.

What on earth has gone wrong with the world in the last few years, the bleeding obvious aside?


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