Sarah Harding RiP

At just 39.

That’s just rubbish isn’t it.


Very sad such a young age.


Far too young, RIP.

So young. Sorry to hear this. RIP.

So beautiful and so young RIP

Life for many is just not fair. RIP

It is. It’s tragic. Cancer is a terrible disease and sometimes life seems so unfair.

Here is a link to Cancer Research UK, where you could make a donation to commemorate Sarah’s passing - and that of anyone else who has died of Cancer.

What awful news, terrible disease RIP.

Cancer is a cruel disease that ends many lives many years early. A sad loss for her family, friends and fans.

Sad news. My daughter was a fan whilst growing up. We usually have to tell her who has passed away with some background of what they have achieved. Not today.

Currently playing ‘Biology’ their moment of pop brilliance.

Dreadful news, far too young.

so sad, so young!

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