Sarum Tuned Aray or Witchhat

I was looking at picking up a used set of Sarum Tuned Aray Din XLR cables but then also thought about purchasing new witchhat morgana xlr din cables. Any suggestions or preference? I have enjoyed Chord cables but have been wanting to try witchhat. Living in the U.S. makes it a bit more challenging on the witchhat cables though. These would run between my 300 DR and 552.


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I guess you won’t be able to try although I think Witchhat are sale on return. My experience is that upstream of the power amp is that Naim wires provide the most organic sound.

I’ve used various Chord Sarums for years, including the latest Sarum T’s.
I’m now using Chord Musics between my 552 and 300 DR.
Chord have a 300 DR for testing. They use their ears to develop their cables. In other words they make music cables not data cables.
You need to be careful when buying Sarum’s. If they have been twisted then they can become intermittent.
The gap between the plug and cable must be completely sealed.
A used Sarum T should sell for half MSRP. Older Sarums for less money.
I have no experience with Morgana’s but I can vouch for Chord Sarum’s. I’ve always had at least one in my system since the first one was produced. I recently let my Sarum T go and immediately tried to get it back. Unfortunately, it was sold the same day.

Not tried Sarum…

Had the old WH Hatpin version which was better than stock Naim…now have WH Morgana which is better still…on 552/500.

(Super Lumina cables I do find very good, but the SL Din XLR cost vs Morgana cost vs performance differential…IMHO gotta be Morgana…)

as I said, not tried Sarum, second hand price may be attractive…dunno…


Thank you. Did you see a major lift once you went to Music from Sarum on your 300? I see you have an Ansuz power conditioner. I just went to one of those myself along with a C2 cable from the wall to the conditioner and one for the 552 PS and an A2 on my ndac. I’m kind of hooked on those power cables right now. Do you have Ansuz power cables for all of your gear?

Hi Matt,
An unqualified recommendation for Witch Hat Morgana Din to XLR cables here.

They represent super value too in the context of your system.

Best regards, BF

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I have 4 Morgana cables and can recommend them all. Even one from my ndx2 that takes the signal to my RCA input headphone amp. Not a regular cable but they made me one.
As well as one from my HCDR to a RCA inputs power amp ( non naim).
All good stuff and well built too.

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Thanks all! Tempting on the Morgana cables!

No, I once had all Ansuz DTC power cables but disposed of it all and now have a mixture of Naim Power Lines and power cables made by Richard Bews of LFD Audio in England. The LFD cables are excellent and more reasonably priced than Ansuz. He makes those amazing little amps that sound so good.
I replaced Super Luminal’s with Musics between the 552 and 300 DR. A clear improvement. I had a Music DIN/DIN between my ND555 and NAC 552 and replaced it with an Ansuz D2 DIN/DIN. The D2’s are the only thing I’ve found better than Musics.
My Naim dealer and I have been waiting for Ansuz to make D2 cables for the Naim 300/500 amps. We’ll replace our Musics with the D2’s.
I’ve tried cables made from data cables like BJC’s but prefer cables designed from scratch to reproduce music.

I run witch hat and would highly recommend them I have a 552dr and 300 dr and witch hat cables are fantastic in the system more :notes: music and from top to bottom sound improvements n depth nuances n timbre more noticeable and the naim sounded fantastic before :flushed::grin::notes::notes::loud_sound::loud_sound:

Or try this


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Did you compare the standard Naim power cable or the Powerline to the Ansuz C2 power cables? In my limited experience, I find the standard Naim cords to sound best with Naim amplifiers and power supplies when compared to some costlier power cables which I own. In my system with 282/HCDR/250DR, there may be a slight difference in presentation between the cords in the Naim system but no clear winner. I don’t have experience with the Powerline.

I checked on the Ansuz C2 and they list for €3,400 which is around the price range of my Acrolink 7N-PC9700 and 8N-PC8100 power cables. These cables worked wonders on non-Naim gear though. I can’t comment on the Chord Sarum DIN to XLR interconnects but own the Chord Signature TA.

Yes, I started with all Naim power cables until I tried AV Options Tibia plus power cables. I purchased all 6 for the price of one powerline and thought it was a big step up without much outlay. I recently started with the Ansuz and like them a lot, albet i only have three. One (C2) from the wall to the C2 power conditioner and then one (C2) on the 552 PS, and one (A2) on the nDac. You may be on to something though as I first had the A2 on the 555PS and a powerline on the nDac. I swapped the two and put the A2 on the nDac and the powerline on the 555 PS and thought the sound to be much better. The Ansuz aren’t cheap for sure but have found them to be a nice addition to the system.

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